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Still individuals with CFS remain frustrated by the lack of belief and support from health care providers, families, and friends. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sheds new light on this condition and its symptoms from a trusted source - nurses. Logically organized and clearly written, What Nurses Know. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome provides individuals, their families, friends, caregivers and healthcare practitioners with the answers they need and want.

Special features include numerous sidebars and call out boxes with "New Nursing Research Points to. It presents an overview of the illness and the latest informa-tion about, and description of, symptoms, as well as sug-gested management of them. The doc said it only lasts about a week-acutely. His seemed to last for 3 years! He also developed IBS in his senior year. He seemed tired out all three years. Two years after high school he joined the Marines. Last year while he was deployed to Kuwait, he collapsed twice. I don't know if it had anything to do with the mono or not or if it was just dehydration most likely.

They just run Iv's and antibiotics for 24 hrs and let you stay in bed. But it seems to me that once he decided to join up he got really physical running and lifting,etc and that is when he seemed to start feeling his best. However, all of a sudden he still will get hit with severe fatiqe and it seems to last for several months.

A Town for People with Chronic-Fatigue Syndrome

Is he getting mono over and over again? Or does he have CFS? I have a chronic disease and I work night shift. I try not to work more then 2 shifts in a row. I just get too tired. When I am off I usually sleep most of the time.

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I feel like I never get enough sleep-that's probably due to both working at night and having IC. I had mono in 88, was sick as a dog with it, on bedrest for 3 weeks with a 3 yr old at home no less , and took me really about 3 years to get over it, would have relapses where all I could do was sleep and work and come home and collapse. Now have FM, and I personally think it was quite related. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has a huge array of signs and symptoms. There are many websites out there with "checklists" so you can see if your son's match.

When I was visiting my doctors when I had mono, they stated that with mono, sometimes any high stress situation or illness such as cold or flu can bring back mono symptoms.

Recognising chronic fatigue syndrome | Nursing in Practice

This sounds more like your son. CFS also has remissions and exacerbations, but there are few days where you truly feel "normal". I too continue to have a postitive monospot test, and its been two years. Unfortunately CFS is a diagnosis of exclusion because there is no true test specifically for it I went through an array of time-consuming and uncomfortable testing He should still see a physician It may take some doctor shopping to find someone who will believe you and not tell you its "all in your head".

Lots of info can be found on the web regarding CFS. I have recently graduated and focused on finding a job that is days only.

It really limited the number of hospitals I could work in, but for me it is essential not to mess with my circadian rhythms. If I consistently go to bed at 10 and get up at 6, pay attention to my thyroid meds and eat regularly I use Balance Gold bars q4 hrs during my shift if I can't get a regular meal in then I do well. Eat Yourself Healthy Dr. Being Mortal Atul Gawande. Gut Giulia Enders. Mindfulness J. Unstoppable Ben Angel. Heal Your Body Louise Hay. The Body Remembers Babette Rothschild. The Telomere Effect Elizabeth Blackburn.

Cribsheet Emily Oster. Wild Embers Nikita Gill. From Here to Eternity Caitlin Doughty.


Scattered Minds Dr Gabor Mate. Why We Sleep Matthew Walker. Eat to Beat Disease William Li. Lifespan David A Sinclair.

Diagnosing and managing chronic fatigue syndrome

Who Says You Can't? You Do Daniel Chidiac. Radical Remission Kelly A. Low Fodmap and Vegan Joanne Stepaniak. The Plant Paradox Steven R. Switch On Your Brain Dr. The Keto Diet Leanne Vogel. Pilates and Parkinson's Sarah Sessa. Activate Your Vagus Nerve Dr. Move without Pain Martha Peterson.

Tuesdays With Morrie Mitch Albom. Other books in this series. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Lorraine Steefel. Multiple Sclerosis Carol Saunders. Diabetes Rita Girouard Mertig. Headache Wendy Cohan. Menopause Karen Roush. Gluten-Free Lifestyle Sylvia Bower. Review quote Registered nurse Steefel's daughter was diagnosed with CFS at age 12, and the author uses her experiences and those of other sufferers to inform readers about the disease, its symptoms, and possible therapies.

Steefel explains alternative treatments such as acupuncture, massage, yoga, and tai chi and suggests strategies for managing daily life. Working with one's health-care team, keeping detailed personal health records, and finding an advocate are stressed. With a glossary and resource listing Biomedical research needs to better define the cause, or more likely the causes, Medical Doctors should diagnosis not disregard and treat the multiple symptoms of CFS, but it is the nurse who best explains and cares most for the patient with chronic medical illnesses like CFS.

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Lorraine provides the information she has learned as a nurse and medical writer with the compassion of a mother who has cared for her child with CFS. In the increasingly critical role that nurses hold in modern health care, this book is an important addition to their clinical tool kit. Steefel emphasizes the importance of knowledge, self-advocacy, and symptom management. Her work addresses the physical and emotional concerns of CFS, acting as a compassionate guide for patients and families. As a parent and an RN, she searched for information necessary to help her daughter cope with and manage it.

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New Jersey CFS Association , on whose behalf she has provided talks to healthcare groups and the general public.