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Then release drain and rinse thoroughly. You can use the same concoction to freshen up your toilet, Findley notes. Just let it soak for a bit, then flush and wipe the seat. Doyle James, president of Mr. Let the mixture sit in the bowl for 30 minutes and scrub with a bowl brush before flushing. James also recommends getting your sink or tub to shine by mixing baking soda, drops of lemon and basil essential oils and dish soap.

After rising off with water, [they] will be glistening. Appliance , a Neighborly company. Another way to clean your microwave is by putting a clean, dampened sponge or cloth on the tray and setting it on high for two minutes. For tougher stains, sprinkle baking soda first, then spray and wipe. The deposit will eventually come off with time though if you've already made this mistake!

Pink Solution 10+ natural household cleaning ideas

Users saying Thanks 3. Sarahsaver View public profile Send private message Find more posts View all thanked posts. Adding a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate - cheapest from chemists - makes the vinegar fizz up and is a great way of cleaning plugholes and sink overflows. When its fizzed enough just tip some hot water down to wash it away. I also used white vinegar to put in the soaking water when my little ones were in nappies - terries of course, the cheapest, though i suppose i should start a separate thread abput nappies soon I heard that denture cleaning tablets were good for cleaning teapots but i can never manage to nick my mum's when she visits, im sure she hides them!

Users saying Thanks 9. I shall look forward to your nappies thread, disposable v's washable? Users saying Thanks 2. Lemon Juice also has excellent uses especially for descaling round the base of bath and kitchen taps and for descaling a kettle. Squeeze the juice from two lemon halves and pour into kettle with with just enough water to cover the element and boil. If the kettle is particularly bad you may need to do this several times.

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Use a washing up brush to scrub away the remains. Fill with clean water and boil. There are currently no thanks for this post. Dissolve bicarbonate of soda in warm water 4 tblspns to 4 pints and wash out the fridege with this to clean and get rid of the smell. Nix View public profile Send private message Find more posts View all thanked posts. Did you know that it is not only an antiseptic but an anaesthetic as well? And you can use it diluted of course!

Nothing else can match those unique qualities as far as I know. In days of old, it was regarded as a panacea. Great for insect bites, cuts, sore throats, bad breath, etc. A must for the medicine cabinet methinks! Users saying Thanks 7. Another great and cleaning tip I've picked up is to use baby oil to clean stainless steel - kettles, toasters etc.

Just rub it on with kitchen towel then rub in gently. Users saying Thanks 1. Erin View public profile Send private message Find more posts View all thanked posts. Don't all laugh but I told a friend how to use it to keep her plastic showerhead limescale free and she boiled the showerhead and not just for a few minutes!!!

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I think someone mentioned it's called distilled malt Vinegar and the brown just malt. More please from anyone with useful moneysaving tips Erin. Last edited by Judi; at PM.

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I said Baking Powder for keeping your oven shelves easy to clean. I meant Soda Bicarb. It not only gives lovely soft water, allows use of minimum quantity of detergent; it also keeps your pipes clear as it discharges Erin. Users saying Thanks 8. To keep your stainless steel cooker shiny, after washing it to remove the grease, use windolene, it works a treat and doesn't attract dust etc.

I use the baby oil on my splashback though.

Ok folks, you asked for it! Omigosh more vinegar!

Clean Your Whole House With Vinegar, Baking Soda and Lemon

Believe me, trawling through all this stuff will keep you occupied for days! I enjoyed reading this thread - now a question How can I remove those grease spots that accumulate on the tiles behind my hob. I'm guilty of not cleaning the tiles every time I cook and so end up having to use brillo pads to scrub them off. Will vinegar dissolve them? Any tips gratefully received. Have just tried bicarbonate of soda and it worked brilliantly! The time now is AM.

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Forum Team Contact us. Live Stats Posts Today 1, Users online. Popular on MSE 1: Latest email. I have used this for many years now and it works better than steroids! The itch will be gone before the end of day 1, and it will be almost completely cleared by day 3. It's miraculous! Vitamin C is a diuretic so drink plenty of water. If you're getting too much vitamin C it will give you diarrhea, but I've never had that happen over such a short course.

Microwave for 5 minutes. Allow to stand for another 5 minutes. DO NOT open the microwave during this time to allow the steam to do its job. Wipe clean with a sponge. Virtually no elbow grease needed. Even the most grungiest microwave sparkles!! I have a have well water and dose it smell bad. Hi, Mary: No. Just adding vinegar could make things worse, not better.

Years ago when we used well water it did smell bad, but it was methane as the mud would burn very blue. When water was tested we were told to just add X number of gallons of bleach depending on the test. If the smell is sulfur, it smells like rotten eggs, it's like the springs in Yellow Stone National Park. To test water that has iron in it put a small sample in a glass container and add a little chlorine liquid it'll turn a brown color that's the stains you would see in your sinks and toilets.

It's a good quick test when buying a house to see if you might be buying a water issue. Take a sample of your water to be tested to be safe like someone already suggested. I live in an area with hard water drilled well with high iron content. I use vinegar regularily in the washing machine to: 1 Prevents any and all mineral build-up on the plumbing lines, pumps, etc.

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  • Even should your machine fail due to age, it will be a breeze to dismantle and repair because there will be no crud anywhere in it! I want to get ahead of the spiders coming in before winter. I saw that white vinegar kills spiders.