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For my descriptions below, I shall quote the original UK Kennel Club breed standard with additions from some other standards where I feel it aids the description.

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Excellent nose, soft mouth; keen love of water. Adaptable, devoted companion. The Labrador temperament is as important and famous as their looks! Well known for its kindness, confidence, intelligence and willingness to please, a lab should display all these qualities. With regards to body weight, sadly I see so many overweight Labradors in the UK. As a working breed, they must be agile and athletic. The excellent nose, soft mouth and love of water are all in the standard due to the breeds working nature. If he is to retrieve fallen game, he needs the ability to sniff out where it has fallen, perhaps to retrieve from water and especially needs the ability to bring the bird back without crushing or damaging the bird within its mouth.

Kindly nature, with no trace of aggression or undue shyness. A Labrador is confident and eager to please due to being a working breed that spends a lot of time working with and for humans.

Twisted Tails Series by J. Richard Jacobs

A Labrador is also highly biddable so it can be easily trained for the work that is desired of it. It would be too hard to train and unreliable when working. Intelligence, kindness and willingness to please is hard to judge in the ring, but breeders especially should take note of this requirement. Jaws of medium length, powerful not snipy. Nose wide, nostrils well developed. The Labradors head is one of its defining features. Neither long and elongated, or short and stubby, it is in proportion to the strong yet agile looking body. Although not explicitly expressed in the standard, whilst looking at the head of a Labrador, you can definitely sense the intelligence and kindness of the breed.

The eyes are the window to the soul and the soul of a Labrador is kindly and good-tempered. This should be instantly recognizable. The color of brown and hazel is almost certainly just down to aesthetics and suits the overall color and look of the breed. The ears hanging close to the head give another level of protection to the animal when retrieving in thick undergrowth by covering the entrance to the ears.

The ears not being too large or heavy prevents the ears being out of proportion with the rest of the animal or making the Labrador look a little too much like a hound. Larger ears would also more easily snag on bramble and branches when traveling through dense cover, so making the dog more easily injured whilst working. Stating the ears must be hanging close to the head prevents the breeding of animals with pointed ears that would be out line with the look of the breed. This description ties in with the Labradors ability to easily grip and hold game that it has retrieved.

Again, this ties in with the strong and athletic build of the breed, requiring a good strong neck in balance with the body and strong enough for the dog to carry game it has retrieved with ease. Forelegs well boned and straight from elbow to ground when viewed from either front or side. Level topline.

Trotcon 2014 #6 - Twisted Tails!

Loins wide, short-coupled and strong. The good width and depth of the chest is to accommodate a powerful set of lungs needed by a dog that was bred for long days working and retrieving. Strength and stamina are important characteristics of the breed. Make sure this account has posts available on instagram.


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Skip to content. Step-by-Steps: Using your eyebrows as a guide, section off a small chunk of hair from the top Tease the section, spray it with some hairspray and pin it back into a pompadour Take the tails of the pomp and divide in two Twist the tails together with the left over the right section. Then spread out the twist to hide the bobby pins and to make look more full. Abby Smith.

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    You know the kind, acid drooling critters whose spit could melt anything but themselves and were mindlessly bent on nothing more than destroying life in any form-particularly the human kind.

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