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Why does Dana say that she expects Whitney to return the following night? Extension Activities 1. Sex trafficking is prevalent in the US. Find a local organization that supports youth affected by sex trafficking, and volunteer for a day.

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In a large group, discuss what you learned from your work. In what ways can you continue to support teens who have been victimized in this way? Share your findings with your reading group. Similar to the creative writing assignment Ms.

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Cox gives to House of Hope girls, write about a frightening childhood memory and include sensory details of the experience. Research how child trafficking operates on a global scale. Find a recent news article relating to the child trafficking trade. How are children forced into it? Are children in certain countries or regions more likely to be trafficked than others? Present your findings in a multimedia format e. Guide written by Pam B.

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Write a Review. Traffick 4. Anonymous More than 1 year ago I'm actually glad she did do a sequel it feels like her series crank but it tackles different issues. Anonymous More than 1 year ago I personally am a fan of the first book more than the sequel, but it was nice finding out what happened to the characters. Most definetly did not disappoint.

Anonymous More than 1 year ago I love it!

Neither of the two employees arrested, Xue Mei Jiang and Yuhong Zeng, were found to be trafficked, said police, though both lived in Flushing, Queens, a nexus for Asian human trafficking. Alicia Kinsman, of CIRI, recalls a case of hers in which an undocumented woman from China answered an ad in a Chinese newspaper: A massage parlor in Connecticut was looking to hire. What they wanted her to do was perform commercial sexual acts.

She was threatened that if she objected, if she left, she would be arrested and deported. And so she stayed. Contrary to popular belief, many trafficked laborers enter the country legally, on temporary worker visas. One woman Project Rescue worked with, a Filipina, came legally as a nanny to a foreign family living temporarily in Easton. Project Rescue, established in to serve chiefly foreign-born trafficking victims, sees a startling range of cases.

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There are undocumented kids put to work by an extended family member, or by someone who posed as one. There are foreign-born women enslaved by their citizen husbands. There are tree-cutters, tobacco-farm laborers, hotel workers. Though Project Rescue has not dealt with them in Connecticut, nail salon workers are believed to be highly trafficked.

Of course, scads of law-abiding nail salons exist. But until May of this year, Connecticut invited trafficking in salons by being the only state in the country that did not require an operating license or mandatory training. When labor trafficking is discovered, what is the fate of the trafficked? Many specific policy changes appear to be small, and the public will never notice them—such as the new obstacles in applying for humanitarian visas. These obstacles terrify applicants. Kinsman does not specify the country, but she would mean Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador. If he goes back to the Triangle?

ICE and such groups used to work harmoniously to establish the facts of a trafficking case and situate victims. What about the rest of the world? With all the trafficking going on in our own country, it seems too much to have to worry about slaves in African mines or Indian quarries or Chinese sweatshops. We are consumers of goods made by slaves. Our tech toys—computers, cell phones and electric cars—top the list: Their lithium ion batteries contain cobalt, mined mostly in the Democratic Republic of the Congo under brutal conditions, sometimes by children as young as seven.

There are so few places you can get these minerals.

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Garments, fish, cocoa and sugar round out the top five slave-made and harvested goods we consume though the U. Department of Labor reports that goods from seventy-five countries are made by forced and child labor. There are about 2. Some of these children were abducted from their villages; many were sold into slavery for as little as thirty dollars. BBC documentarians asked one slave boy what he thought about faraway people enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Commercial fishing is even more notorious. The U. Few large clothing companies have slave-free supply chains. If you buy clothing at Walmart, for example, you can be pretty sure that slaves made it in a country like Bangladesh.

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  7. This knowledge, she suggests, ought to make us reconsider how we buy things in the age of global commerce. According to the International Labour Organization, We can start by educating ourselves. We can patronize clothing stores with transparent supply chains; we can buy goods made by trafficking survivors. Elizabeth Boolbol thinks Americans have a special obligation to fight human trafficking. America has to lead. And I think rich communities like Greenwich need to step in.

    We may not be able to cure cancer, but we can do this. We typically think of the sex-trafficked kid as a runaway. To be sure, runaways are in acute danger of being trafficked. If a runaway were to alight at a busy traveling hub like the Port Authority in New York, she would be approached by a trafficker in a matter of seconds. HART keeps statistics on trafficked Connecticut minors or possibly trafficked, because certain cases take months to sort out , and so can tell us that of the minors referred to it in , lived with a parent or guardian, and only twenty-six were runaways or otherwise AWOL.

    Another twenty-two lived in foster care at the time of their possible trafficking. Almost a quarter of the referrals, forty-nine of the , came from our neck of the woods, coastal Fairfield County. To trade; to pass goods and commodities from one person to another for an equivalent in goods or money; to barter; to buy and sell wares; to carry on commerce. The English and Americans traffick with all the world. For a complete Scripture study system, try SwordSearcher Bible Software , which includes the unabridged version of this dictionary.

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