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Are Christians really cursed for not tithing ten percent of their income? These questions will be answered based on scholarship, the land, the language and the literature of the original Biblical people. Not only will questions be answered for those confused about whether or not they are required to pay ten percent of their income to any religious institution, readers will learn what the Bible teaches about money and stewardship in the interest of seeking truth.

Monetary tithing has been taught as an undisputed fact in churches for centuries. This book examines the word tithe from the original Hebrew language and presents the authentic meaning of the orthodox term based on the land, language and literature of the Hebrew people. The author also explains why many church-goers are not the ones who really rob God. But exposes who the real God robbers are in this shocking tithe manifesto.

This book is a scholastic, theological work and should be read by anyone who has skepticism about the truth and accuracy of the modern monetary tithe system that is not contained on the pages of the Bible. The biblical tithe has always been edible items.

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While most churches understandably seek charitable donations and the acquisition of sufficient assets to meet their needs, the LDS Church takes religious capitalism to an entirely different level. The Church then decided it best to cease financial reporting.

Moyle founded the Property Reserve, a for-profit real estate investment division, using member donated funds. The entity today builds shopping malls and office towers.

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This is a church that has been focused for many years on accumulating wealth, on investing in real estate, and doing things that, in my mind, are not particularly what churches ought to be doing. In November , the LDS Church announced the construction of a story luxury high rise adjacent to its current shopping mall and office tower complex at Main, whose list of tenants include Goldman Sachs. The Church tracks volunteer hours at the ward level, which are reported quarterly to Salt Lake City. By comparison, the Seventh Day Adventists deliver many times the reported LDS amount via its globally diverse membership, while providing full transparency.

The next two Church presidents did likewise. In August , three weeks before he died, Brigham Young obtained a cancellation of his debts in Ogden, Utah, extending back to This was to cover operating expenses of the Church. The move raised such a fuss that a week later the High Council rescinded the deal and instead granted the men 80 acres of land.

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Charity was, and is, something separate from tithing. Tags: money , tithing. Categories: Church. Jesus talked about money. A LOT. When our heart attitudes are confronted with truth, we always react.

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Do we get angry? Do we leave the conversation? Or do we humbly change?