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With great compassion, Darlene discusses Betrayal Recovery with audience members. Perfect for anyone who has ever been the victim of betrayal—betrayal by a spouse, betrayal by a trusted adult, betrayal by a friend, just to name a few. Your neighbor. He could be any of these and he could be watching your child, warming you and your family up to trust him, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Darlene passionately presents parents, school personnel and childcare providers with insightful stories and critical strategies to protect children.

Obstacles happen. Roadblocks stand in the way of optimal performance. This is the Quiet Zone. Create energy, new dynamics and greater productivity in your business with this fun and enlightening presentation for your employees! He successfully compartmentalizes. She exasperatingly multitasks. If his business style were a house, it would have many rooms with doors. Neither is right or wrong…each is unique. Darlene knows the struggle of playing many roles and gives an energetic and hilariously entertaining keynote on the topic.

The High Touch Woman in attendance will leave this presentation feeling energized and transformed! High Touch Solutions… Build Your Business One High Touch Relationship at a Time Economic pressures, combined with technology designed to minimize human communications with customers seems to have left high touch, relationship-based sales and customer service in the dust! Darlene loves to network and is a natural connector, but on her own terms in her own personal style. Her audiences gain great ideas and strategies in the art of networking and how to ask others for their business.

Unbelievably, disgustingly worst. Our Sunday True Romance column told their story in May of He was new to town, setting up a dental practice in the Lakewood area of Dallas, where Darlene grew up and still lived. He jokingly let it be known that he was in the market for "a house and a spouse. Two children followed. Calvin's dental practice boomed. He became known as "the singing dentist" for entertaining patients with his beautiful voice.

His dental ads featured the line: "We love kids. In , Calvin was arrested in San Diego, where he had gone for a spree of sex with underage Mexican boys. It turned out to be an FBI sting. If True Romance was the mind-boggling start to this saga, the newest chapter is almost as unbelievable.

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Darlene took the devastating life experiences and turned them into a new book and a busy sideline as an upbeat inspirational speaker. I've got four speeches scheduled this week," she said when we visited Tuesday morning. Calvin served two years in federal prison and remains on intense-supervision parole. Darlene has no contact with him but learned recently from the National Sex Offender Registry that he now lives in San Francisco.

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But for her own photo on the back cover, she chose a jaunty pose with a beaming smile. She said Calvin was distant from the start and gradually became emotionally abusive. Page 2 of 2 "He told me I was fat and ugly. Over and over, he said he hated me. Finally, after 10 years, Darlene took him up on it. Because of the children, they remained in close contact, however. And his arrest 15 months after their divorce was a complete shock. Darlene was thrown into a pit of anguish like she had never known.

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And had he molested their children? Their children's friends? Careful, expert interviews in the following days revealed he had not. But Darlene was still full of anger and confusion. She tortured herself. How could I have been such an idiot? She hopes to help others overcome obstacles and betrayal in whatever form. Today she is happily married — a true romance this time. She is vice president of a Lakewood bank and dotes on her courageous year-old son and year-old daughter.

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In being so public with her story, Darlene said she is trying to live up to a quote she recently read. It's a new favorite: "She not only saw a light at the end of the tunnel, she became that light for others. He was eventually sentenced to two years in prison. He now resides outside the state of Texas. The life that Ellison had known was shattered. Throughout the initial shock, gossip and media frenzy, Ellison's first priority was healing herself and her two now-teenage children. Rather than withdraw from the world, Ellison chose to fight back by becoming an advocate for children and families touched by abuse.


She began by learning all she could and speaking out at discussions hosted by women and church organizations. Some have never gotten therapy or even told their spouses. They will read something like this, realize that they are not as healed as they thought, and take steps to get better. Section one is a true crime story in which Ellison recounts step-by-step how her life unraveled.

She spares no details and shares the depth of the deception and pain. Section two covers the information gathering she did afterward. I had shame, my spirituality and emotions were out of whack. You may think that you are better, but you're not" Healing serves as the focus of section three. She has written this section in journey steps and then adds her own experience as she moved through them. Through it all Ellison says that the glue that held her together was her children. March 4 at Professional Bank-Lakewood.

No responses to this article yet Like to comment on this article? Log in below or create a new account for free. Copyright by black white read, LLC. Lakewood-Now, lakewood-now. Privacy policy. General inquiries. No day after would begin as normal. Darlene Doxey Calvin woke that Saturday, slipped on a robe, and padded barefoot down the stairs of her two-story Lakewood home to make breakfast for her year-old son and 9-year-old daughter. The weather would turn chilly and drizzly by afternoon.

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Darlene figured on going to work for a few hours, and then maybe taking the kids out to dinner and renting some movies. A single mother, Darlene regularly took her son and daughter to church, drove them to their various practices, worked two jobs—development director for both an elementary school and a pediatric cancer research organization—and co-directed a yoga studio. Other needs were covered by her ex-husband. The word didn't have as much sting as it once did. Divorced for 15 months, she'd come to terms with the fact that, despite his humor, despite his talk of raising a family, she and Todd had never connected in their decade of marriage.

What Is Betrayal Trauma? How do I Overcome It?

Yet they'd remained close enough. Todd Calvin lived two miles from Darlene, and his dental office was a little less than a mile and a half away. The weekend before, they'd all gone out to dinner. Darlene was the contact person for his home security company, after his own cell phone and office numbers.

Her cell phone rang, and the voice on the other end said an alarm had gone off at Todd's home on Palo Pinto Avenue.

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