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  • David Koresh and the Waco Siege - Biography?
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Religious freedom versus gun laws and the age of consent. And behind all of this madness? David Koresh. A self-proclaimed prophet, polygamist, and pedophile. We get real weird today as we go full-cult on Timesuck! Timesuck is brought to you today by by the socially conscious on-line fantastic mattress store LEESA! Support fellow Timesucker who lost his home and belongings in a recent flood. Here's the GoFund link - please help if you can! You get to vote on two Monday topics each month via the app. Check the Patreon posts to find out how to download the new album and take advantage of other benefits.

Come see me SoCal! As a result of this passion, he has quickly become one of the most renowned researchers in the case of the Branch Davidians.

Publisher Description

He was particularly interested in the figure of David Koresh and the divinity attributed to him. Although he was a career insurance salesman in Westbrook, Maine, Swett devoted his time and energy into researching the Waco Branch Davidians via the internet and personal correspondence. Although Swett believed that the fire was ultimately the responsibility of the Branch Davidians, he claimed to be an unbiased researcher seeking only to know the truth of the situation. Because of his vast knowledge of Koresh and the Branch Davidians, Swett has been personally involved in interviews, trials, and theatrical productions about the Waco Siege.

In , Swett sold his vast collection to Baylor University so that others could use the primary source materials that he had amassed. Swett in February The collection begins with printed materials from during a time when the Seventh-Day Adventist Church was torn by internal divisions, and concludes in with a film adaptation of the infamous siege of Mount Carmel Center. The focal point of this collection is the massive compilation of audio cassettes that includes sermons prior to as well as calls and interviews conducted during the siege itself.

All requests for copying of materials must be submitted to The Texas Collection in writing. Please use the Request Form for Copying Materials sheet.

The Waco Raid at 25: Enough With the Fairy Tale Lies

Unpublished materials authored or otherwise produced by the creator s of this collection are in the public domain. There are no restrictions on use. Copyright status for other collection materials is unknown. Transmission or reproduction of materials protected by U. Copyright Law Title 17, U. Works not in the public domain cannot be commercially exploited without permission of the copyright owners.

Responsibility for any use rests exclusively with the user. Accessing Materials Described Here. This collection includes personal correspondence, photographs, pamphlets, books, audio recordings, and secondary literature of the Branch Davidians and their key leaders. There is a particular emphasis on David Koresh throughout the collection. There was an inventory prior to processing, but the collection itself lacked organization at the series level.

And, in fact, when Koresh learned 45 minutes in advance of the imminent Feb. From there, through windows arranged like firing ports, the Davidians, wearing ammunition vests sewn by the Davidian women months earlier, rained down a deadly fire on arriving agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, killing four and wounding some two dozen others.

9 Things You Should Know About David Koresh and the Branch Davidians

And ATF agents may have first shot a dog approaching them, setting off the firefight. But three reporters who were there that day have each testified that they believed the Davidians fired first.

Similarly, Michael Schroeder, who was off the compound when the raid occurred, did try to sneak back in later that afternoon with two other Davidians. But he was not an unarmed man murdered by the ATF.

  1. A Connection to David Koresh.
  2. Amphitryon, by Molière;
  3. The Fire That Time.
  4. The truth is that Schroeder ambushed the agents when he spotted them, and was shot dead in response. At one point, it shows a Davidian putting out a small fire that was apparently caused by the CS gas or the tanks used to inject it. The fire was unquestionably lit by the Davidians themselves.

    Independent arson investigators, video shot from above, and witnesses all noted that the fire started in three separate locations inside the compound virtually simultaneously. Moreover, listening devices smuggled into the compound by the FBI recorded Davidians discussing setting fires and keeping them going. Davidians themselves have testified that that is what happened. Several reviews showed the agents did not fire a single shot that day. Instead, they pleaded over loudspeakers for the Davidians to come out.

    But except for nine people, they did not. The others either joined in a mass suicide, were the victims of mercy killings, or were somehow trapped inside the building. In fact, 20 of those who died in the fire were slain by other Davidians.