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It's impossible to place the moment chronology, but the scene reads optimistic: she's smiling in a pink coat. Episode 4 - " Rallying to Keep the Game Alive ". In this episode based on a column written by the wife of actor Denis Leary, a couple played by Tina Fey and John Slattery learning to play tennis finds that their progress on the court mirrors the health of their marriage.

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In the finale, we see them squeezing in another rally even as the rain starts to drizzle down — a snapshot of commitment. Episode 5 - " At the Hospital, an Interlude of Clarity ". Rob has just been stood up. He's actually fleeing the restaurant when the rain forces him under the same awning that Yasmine, as gregarious as she is beautiful, decides to duck under. When she strikes up a conversation, he tells her his tale of stood-up woe. To his surprise, Yasmine suggests that she fill in for his missing date — or, as she calls it, an act of " universe recalibration. It Was Just Dinner, Right? We don't learn much about Madeleine Julia Garner , whose romantic life is dominated by self-described " daddy issues " in the sixth episode.

She kisses a boy below a park bridge, looking happy, but it's unclear where this moment fits it's possibly the same nameless boy she slept with?

The 'Modern Love' Characters Are All Connected By This One Episode

Episode 7 - " Hers Was a World of One ". The series finale dives deeper into an early moment shared between a gay couple Andrew Scott and Brandon Kyle Goodman and Karla Olivia Cooke , the woman experiencing homelessness whose baby they adopt. In their dedicated episode, the trio is full of uncertainty — three very different people working to understand and trust each other with this new life they're all related to.

The finale, though, reveals the audience never had much to worry about. It's totally unexpected, catching us off guard, which is hard to do on television anymore. It's also why it works. Money breeds its own loyalty, which means that when a family is involved in a business, it's not that far-fetched that things can spiral out of control.

That's not to say that there aren't successful family enterprises, but it introduces an entirely new level of tension to a relationship and it's worth counting the cost first.

In fact, think twice before you hire people because they are "family. It often makes it much harder to lead, and it's certainly harder to let people go when they aren't able to deliver the kind of performance you need.

Jered Youngblood

It just is. I don't mean the knife-in-the-back kind of brutal, though it can certainly be that. But in general, running any kind of business is really hard. Figure out whether you really want to put your family through that kind of challenge. Here's why--being a parent and an entrepreneur isn't impossible, but it's very hard.

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In fact, in many ways, you are setting one up to compete with the other for your time, effort, and even affection. And both are hard enough on their own without combining the two. If you do, consider how you will prioritize each, and understand the cost it will have on the people around you. Anyone who actually loves their family, or their business for that matter, should have a better plan than "let's see who survives an inter-family knife fight. That's not meant to be morbid--it's just reality.

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