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Just a precursor to this article, and all my writing.

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If you are easily offended, I am not the person you should be reading! So Gabbie and Will, Will and Gabbie. So alike and so different all at the same time. There are times raising Gabbie feels easier and times raising Will feels easier. To start, girls are more dramatic and Gabbie had a very different temperament from day one than Will. Gabbie was never a child who could entertain herself or be by herself for any stretch of time. Always had to be engaged, entertained, interacting. Will, on the other hand, was content with his toys, his shows, his exersaucer and being able to look around.

I believe this difference is and was a combination of personality and, obviously, the syndrome. Neither of my children are or were sleepers. Gabbie is becoming a sleeper as she nears her teen years at least late morning sleeper after being up late on her iPod with friends and Will is in a recent jag of sleeping more although I probably just jinxed that!

In this respect they are both the same.

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I have heard parents say their children go to bed at and sleep until So far the toddler years aren't that far off. Gabbie had awful ear infections and ended up with her tonsils and adenoids out and tubes in at 4 years old. She has been healthy ever since. Will and his lungs are the bain of our existence right now. Everything this kid gets goes to his lungs. He is what the medical world calls "hypotonic, head to toe". In other words, he has low muscle tone in his entire body and that affects his body's ability to move gunk out of his lungs creating a "weak point" for attack when he gets sick.

My kitchen cupboard and bedroom closet look like a pharmacy for upper respiratory issues. But they both gave me teething issues, ear infections, rotovirus, the joys of milestones one on point, the other in his own time. I think the hardest part here was around the month mark. I knew they were very different children but they were really polar opposite and it did bother me.

He coughs at me and makes excuses, Your Grace, but the gold is not forthcoming. At a place called Sow's Horn they found a tough old knight named Ser Roger Hogg squatting stubbornly in his towerhouse with six men-at-arms , four crossbowmen, and a score of peasants. Who can say? The battle was long leagues from here, but the river is tireless and patient.

Six have been found. We are all waiting for the seventh. I may not want to meet them, Brienne thought, as the first riders came splashing through the puddles into the yard.

Beneath the patter of the rain and Dog's barking, she could hear the faint clink of swords and mail from beneath their ragged cloaks. She counted them as they came. Two, four, six, seven. Some of them were wounded, judging from the way they rode.

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Now, Jon Arryn married thrice, but his first two wives gave him no children, so for long years his nephew Elbert was his heir. Meantime, Elys was plowing Alys quite dutifully, and she was whelping once a year. She gave him nine children, eight girls and one precious little boy, another Jasper, after which she died exhausted. Boy Jasper, inconsiderate of the heroic efforts that had gone into begetting him, got himself kicked in the head by a horse when he was three years old.

A pox took two of his sisters soon after, leaving six. The grant that the king had presented him for signature was on the table beneath a silver drinking cup that had once been Donal Noye's. The one-armed smith had left few personal effects: the cup, six pennies and a copper star , a niello brooch with a broken clasp, a musty brocade doublet that bore the stag of Storm's End.

Dany grimaced. Even her own people would give no rest about the matter. Reznak mo Reznak stressed the coin to be made through taxes.

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The Green Grace said that reopening the pits would please the gods. The Shavepate felt it would win her support against the Sons of the Harpy. It was blood the Meereenese yearned to see, not skill. Elsewise the fighting slaves would have worn armor. Only the little scribe Missandei seemed to share the queen's misgivings.

Today I do not come alone.

Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other

Will you hear my friends? There are seven of them as well. Rhaegal had been harder. Perhaps he could hear his brother raging in the pit, despite the walls of brick and stone between them. In the end, they had to cover him with a net of heavy iron chain as he basked on her terrace, and he fought so fiercely that it had taken three days to carry him down the servants' steps, twisting and snapping. Six men had been burned in the struggle. The others were good men too. Good men in a fight, at least, and loyal to their brothers. Jon could not speak for what they might have been before they reached the Wall, but he did not doubt that most had pasts as black as their cloaks.

Up here, they were the sort of men he wanted at his back. Their hoods were raised against the biting wind, and some had scarves wrapped about their faces, hiding their features. Jon knew them, though. Every name was graven on his heart. They were his men, his brothers. Six more rode with them—a mix of young and old, large and small, seasoned and raw.

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Six to say the words. All of them were boys. Leathers and Jax were older men, well past forty, sons of the haunted forest, with sons and grandsons of their own. Jon smelled Tom Barleycorn before he saw him. Or was it Ghost who smelled him? Of late, Jon Snow sometimes felt as if he and the direwolf were one, even awake. The great white wolf appeared first, shaking off the snow. A few moments later Tom was there. No guards. Some dead, might be, or sleeping.

Most look to be women. Just the one I saw.

Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other

They got a fire burning, smoke drifting through the trees. Nine, and I have seven-and-ten. Four of his were green boys, though, and non were giants. Nine, Tom Barleycorn had said, and nine there were, but two were dead and one so weak he might have died by morning.

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One last thing remained before they could depart: the thing that they had come for. Iron Emmett called forth his charges, and as the rest of the company watched from a respectful distance, they knelt before the weirwoods. The last light of day was gone by then; the only light came from the stars above and the faint red glow of the dying fire in the center of the grove.

With their black hoods and thick black cowls, the six might have been carved from shadow. Their voices rose together, small against the vastness of the night. Satin's voice was sweet as song, Horse's hoarse and halting, Arron's a nervous squeak. True to his word, Manderly devoured six portions , two from each of the three pies, smacking his lips and slapping his belly and stuffing himself until the front of his tunic was half-brown with gravy stains and his beard was flecked with crumbs of crust.

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Lord Ramsay had already left the hall. His bride, forlorn and seemingly forgotten, sat hunched and silent beneath the banner of House Stark, clutching a silver goblet in both hands. Judging from the way she looked at him when he approached, she had emptied that goblet more than once. Perhaps she hoped that if she drank enough, the ordeal would pass her by. Theon knew better. It is time you did your duty. Stannis looked at her as he might look at a dog who presumed to hump against his leg. The dry, scorched plains around Meereen were flat and bare and treeless for long leagues, but the Yunkish ships had brought lumber and hides up from the south, enough to raise six huge trebuchets.

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