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This definition of self-esteem traps children in a state of anxiety due to all-or-nothing or black-or-white thinking. If we change our definitions and language then we can live life in the gray area. There is so much fun to be had when we live life in the gray area. For example, in high school, I was required to take 4-years of a foreign language. I choose Spanish.

I would study for hours and hours. I saw a Spanish tutor 2-times a week. Yet, no matter what I did my grade in Spanish never ever rose above a grade of a D. I remember sitting in the red beanbag chair in my room for hours practicing Spanish flashcards. There were many nights when I would break down in tears over not being able to understand what the people on the Spanish channel were saying in order for me to complete my Spanish current events assignment.

Instead, the one time that I did get a grade of a C in Spanish for the semester they took me out for dinner to celebrate. They celebrated my hard work and determination not the end result of an A-grade. A theme I see so often in my therapy sessions with clients of all ages is that they have a hard time apologizing effectively.

Yup, which is exactly why teaching our children how to apologize is so important.

Is your toddler biting Johnny?

My son is young so we utilize feelings charts when we can in order to help with the apology. An apology has 5 parts:. I discussed this with my son and asked him if he would like to write his classmate an apology letter. My son said yes and we used a copy of his feelings chart as our letter. My prompts to walk him through the apology process typically go as follows:. Books are a wonderful way to interact with our children while encouraging them through the lessons within the book.

Reading books about celebrating diversity, fostering empathy, and nurturing healthy self-esteem are wonderful ways to share quality time while filling their bucket. Play is the way that children learn and express themselves. Play is how children work through their emotions as well. Use play to connect with your child. That connection and quality time increases their self-esteem.

How to Make Sure You Are Raising Kids With a Healthy Self-Esteem

The safety of your presence fills their bucket. No matter what the game or activity is the act of being present with your child nurtures their self-esteem. If you want activities and games geared specifically to building self-esteem then use those too. Any quality time does the trick.

Kids Confidence & Self Esteem 3

Music and dancing is a big part of my family. This began during the courtship with my husband. The moment I knew I was falling in love with him was when we were stuck in Washington D. Then, on our wedding day, we began our reception by bringing all of the guests onto the dance floor and dancing to party music. Now, we have living room dance parties with our children after dinner. My son loves to dance and sing.

How to Make Sure You Are Raising Kids With a Healthy Self-Esteem - A Fine Parent

He knows the words to lot of the songs. Choose songs that empower, inspire, and uplift. Dancing also helps promote each of us being comfortable with our bodies. Honoring our bodies through the use of movement and accepting how they move builds our appreciation for our bodies no matter their shape or size.

This quote is posted on the refrigerator in our home. Words are often reactionary. Being mindful of what we say and how we say it is a crucial skill. A skill that I continually have to work on which is why I want the constant reminder every time I pour my children a glass of milk or every time I am cooking dinner. Having that phrase visible in high traffic area helps keep it at the forefront of my mind. Choose a phrase, quote, or printable that speaks to you and place it in a high traffic area as your constant reminder.

This is a legitimate concern if praise is not used properly.

Your Parenting Style

The other day, my son and I were practicing his reading. A three letter word that may come easily to others took him several attempts. Now, does his response mean I am raising an arrogant and narcissistic child? The trick to praising children right without falling down the over praising rabbit hole is —.

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As a teenager I had a poster in my room. I cannot remember if I put it there or if my parents did, but to this day I can close my eyes and see the image and words on that poster.

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What a powerful and influential message to wake up to every morning and fall asleep to every night as a teenager. Thanks Mom and Dad! Adults can learn to rebuild their own self-esteem too. They can fix the holes life has caused in their buckets. They can white-out the darkness that has tarnished the pure self worth they were born with.

Keep going and give that same gift to yourself. Increase your level of awareness of how often you praise and encourage your child. Divide your day into 3 parts morning, afternoon, evening and commit to taking 2-minutes during each part of the day to provide effort-based praise and encouragement statements to your child at each part of the day.

How to Teach Confidence to Kids (11 Truths for Christian Parents)

Pick 1 method from the tips above and focus on practicing that for at least 3 weeks. Once that behavior becomes part of your routine then pick another method and practice that one. Keep practicing one at a time and then eventually you will have an arsenal of self-esteem boosting tools that are simply part of who you are and your parenting routine. Then before you know it your children will be able to refill their bucket on their own and the holes the world pokes will feel like pin pricks instead of gaping drains.

She believes everyone is a Superhero with their own superpowers. Her full-time Stay-At-Home-SuperMommy costume is yoga pants that may or may not have been worn 3 days in a row. If you see her wearing a hat it's her disguise against unwashed hair. During nap times and evenings she changes into her SuperSarah business casual costume with washed hair hopefully to spare her therapy clients the smell of spit up.

She is convinced that the most important superpower everyone can have is a strong self esteem. Her life purpose is for everyone to harness their Superpower of Self Esteem. When she isn't in superhero costumes she likes to daydream about wearing a Grecian sundress and twirling around in a field of waist high wild flowers as the sun beams warmth on her face. You can find her building self esteem, speaking her truth, and having SoulSync connections at her website Esteem Builders or on Facebook. Sarah your article really hit home with me. I have two teenage daughters. My 18 year old has always had a pretty healthy self-esteem.

However, my 13 year old was held back in first grade. We were devastated. She struggled with it for quite some time. About three months after she was put back she was having a lot of trouble. We got her into a small group at her school that met once a week and talked about self worth and ways to cope with things. It really helped. We started to see her grades improve. It also took her a while to make new friends, but once she did her self-esteem was much better.