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Second Edition. A scarce novel from Madame Marie Clemence. Illustrated with seven coloured plates. An uncommon edition of this work by H F Riviere. A work on commerce containing the statement of general principles, analysis of the opinions of many professors and authors and case law on controversial issues and a proposed A collection of tales of monastic life and the story of Anselm of Canterbury. Anselm sought to understand Christian doctrine through reason and develop intelligible truths interwoven with the Christian belief. He believed that A fascinating single volume with two of Harembert's works bound within, the first being the copy of 'La Verite, fusion du materialisme et du spiritualisme operee par la connaissance simultanee su magnetisme et de la phrenologie Four books of Guizot's history of the English Civil War in uniform fine bindings that need a little care and attention.

With the interesting Written by Louis Alfred Becquerel, a medical researcher and physicist, and Marie Rodier, the book applies pathological chemistry to medicine. Six uniformly-bound volumes, containing a French history of the English Civil War. A handsomely bound set of collected poetry and novels by Sophie d'Arbouville. Sophie d'Arbouville was a French poet and novelist who held salons where she discussed politics and poetry with guests such as Charles Augustin A copy of this work by Napoleon Roussel.

With eleven head piece vignettes and a frontispiece. Napleon Roussel was a French Evangelical Protestant who wrote a series of works for the education of young people. Jean-Baptiste Massillon was a French Catholic bishop and famous preacher who served as Bishop of Clermont from until A copy of this tragic love story set in French Mauritius shortly before the French Revolution.

A copy of 'Les Grotesques' by Theophile Gautier. Pierre Jules Thophile Gautier August 30, October 23, was a French poet, dramatist, novelist, journalist, art critic and literary critic. Nouvelle Edition.

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Two volumes in one of Casimir Delavigne's poetry. This is the Charpentier edition, two volumes bound as one, as called for. Bound in half leather with gilt lettering and spine decoration. Alexandre Dumas, fils, , was a French author and dramatist. He was the illegitimate The Confrences de Carme de Notre-Dame began in , were suspended in , and resumed in , continuing The result of eight years of research, the monumental De la prostitution dans la ville de Paris is not only a history of prostitution A charming copy of 'Charles-Quint; son abdication son sejour et sa mort au Monastere de Yuste' by Franois Auguste Marie Mignet, a french journalist and historian as well as an elected member of l'academie francaise.

Charles Quint A work of military fiction by Henri Conscience. Based upon the Peasant war of the seventeenth century. Translated into French.

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Consicence was a Belgian author who is considered Complete in four volumes. With 38 engraved plates including four engraved frontispieces. Alphonse Marie Louis de Prat de Lamartine 21 October 28 February was a French writer, poet and politician who was instrumental in the foundation of the Second Republic A scarce edition of this important work on epidemiology.

With an introduction and notes by the translator. He is Zschokke was one of the most distinguished public men A medical thesis on midwifery and childbirth from the Faculte de Medecine de Paris. Written by medical student Charles-Michel Ducellie. Published for the Faculte de Medecine in Paris. The history of the first three centuries of the Christian church, in French. He was a powerful preacher and political orator; from Madame Guizot was the mother of Francois Guizot - , a French historian, orator, and statesman. She had great The third edition of Crtineau-Joly's history of the Society of Jesus, or, as they are sometimes known, the Jesuits.

With frontispieces of notable figures from the history of the Society of Jesus to each volume, as well as other With an introduction from Xavier Marmier. A guide to the public galleries of Europe which displayed Roman antiques and artefacts.

Illustrated throughout with numerous engravings. D Armengaud was a French historian, who published a series of guides Three parts complete in one volume. Augustin Thierry's complete history of the conquest of England by the Normans in the eleventh century. With an engraved frontispiece of Thierry to volume I. Tenth edition, revised and corrected. Thierry's main Lamartine was a French writer, poet and politician who was instrumental in the foundation of the Second Republic.

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Lamartine is famous for his partly autobiographical A study on the history of Ireland. Illustrated, with an engraved frontispiece and three further plates. Written by Hippolyte de Chavannes de La Giraudiere, a writer of educational works for children. A lot of A nicely bound copy of Marceline Desbordes-Valmore's poetry.

In a decorative, gilt stamped quarter morocco binding. Marceline Desbordes-Valmore was a French poet and novelist. Edited by and in the French of Alexis Pierron. Volumes I-III of the original four volumes. It is a series of biographies of famous Greeks A collection of moral tales for children in a decorative calf binding by French author Madame Guizot. With three illustrated plates.

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A scarce and unusual pamphlet on metal-fatigue and construction on railways. Marchal was a civil engineer in Brussels. Sixth edition. A nicely bound French novel by Louis Enault.

Dalhousie French Studies

The third edition. Louis Enault was a French journalist and novelist.

He was also a translator and collaborated with Gustave Bernard was a Twelth Century French abbot, the primary builder of the Cistercian order. This work comprises of eight A scarce edition of this history of the conquest of Mexico by Cortez. With frontispiece, engraved half-title and numerous engravings in the text. A mid-nineteenth century French novel in a smart binding. An illustrated edition of Fenelon's Les Aventures de Telemaque. Illustrated throughout with many engraved plates.

The slender plot fills out a gap in Homer's Odyssey, recounting the educational travels of Telemachus, son of Ulysses, A first edition of this biography of Judith Frere, the companion of the songwriter Jean de Beranger. After taking her Ph. She was visiting research professor at Sheffield England for a term and remains Honorary Research Professor at that institution. She has published numerous articles and written or edited some eighteen volumes dealing with French literature, chiefly the novel, and notably the works of Gide, Martin du Gard, Sartre, Camus, and Jules Roy; among her principal volumes is Visions of War in France: Fiction, Art, Ideology Her stories, which often concern New Orleans, have appeared in various magazines, notably Louisiana Literature.

Her books have been reviewed widely, in some of the magazines mentioned above and in the New York Times Book Review. Originally from the Midwest born in St. Following a career as a senior editor in book publishing, she now teaches writing and literature courses at Long Island University and at other colleges and universities in the New York City area.

She has led creative writing workshops for Bryn Mawr College, St. Herbert holds a degree in art and education from Peabody College at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and a master's degree M. Her first collection of poems was published in by Ginninderra Press in Australia, which since then has published six more volumes. She received first prize in the poetry competition sponsored by the Midwest Conference on Christianity and Literature, and first prize in the Jerseyworks first poetry competition in Middleton has also published several chapbooks of verse the latest of which is The Language of the Heart , Louisiana Literature Press, On ne sait.

She was born in , in Claremont, New Hampshire. She was educated first in Cleveland and then in New York. In , when her father died, she was 29 years old, and she had to work to provide for her family. She began then to publish her first articles, novellas and poems. Her inspiration came from her travels through Ohio, Wisconsin and New England but she never forgot the beauty and the wildness of Mackinac Island, Michigan, where she spent several summer holidays as a young girl.

In , she moved to Florida with her mother and began to feel inspired by the South, reconstruction after the Civil War and the racial problem.