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This was the most famous take on the American Indian in all of English literature in the 18th century. And here we plainly see the noble savage as the dominant view, well before the Romantics. Indian was very much tormented by fiends, and very much valued trinkets. But it fits with the Garden of Eden myth of a Golden Age of man. Innocence is not itself a virtue, any more than ignorance is. It is simply a state of never having exercised free will.

On the French side, importantly for Canadian perceptions, there is Rousseau, also of the 18th century, the great proponent of the state of nature, and before him Montaigne.

Klondike Nuggets and How Two Boys Secured Them by Edward Sylvester Ellis (Englis

But to be civilized was to be corrupted and made unhappy by experiences in society. Gaining knowledge through tuitions enforced unnatural behavior on the natural man and removed him from his more natural, and therefore good, inclinations. One might add Freudianism to the noble savage mix. Civilization, according to Dr, Freud, represses our natural instincts, and repression of our natural instincts ultimately causes us to go mad.

Therefore — free sex is a moral right. Civilization is the nexus of evil. One can see the attractions to the argument, quite independent from its possible truthfulness. Everybody, in the abstract, would prefer to follow their first instincts if they could. The only problem is everyone else doing likewise. Feminism, too, drinks deep of this traditional joy juice of the Kickapoo: all tradition, all established social norms, are of the evil patriarchy, aka Pluto, established to oppress women, who themselves represent unblemished nature. All Indian princesses, all of them. One can see again why church-run residential schools get targeted as the chief villain in the piece.

They teach original sin! They deny our primordial innocence! They oppose free sex! Now let us pass to the specifically North American tradition. The Transcendentalists, American Romantics, of course embraced the idea of original innocence.

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Queequeg In plain English, Indians have been traditionally venerated in the American, Canadian, and European mind, so long as that mind finds itself in a parlour. They are not now, and have never been, discriminated against; the discrimination has always been in their favour. While black Americans for many years wanted nothing so much as an end to segregation, and to fit in to the mainstream society, Indians saw the same proposal, offered to themselves, as an alarming loss of status. So, no doubt, would the Queen of England.

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If they have nevertheless been at times described as bloodthirsty savages, this can more easily explained not by prejudice, but by the fact that they were, at times, bloodthirsty savages. Now, with a heavy swash of water and a boom, she touches; out jump her sailors to fasten her ropes. But hark! It is the Indian war-whoop. And see! In an instant they have boarded the vessel. Down into the hold they go, yelling and whooping at every step. The terrified sailors stand back aghast. Out they come again, lugging with them their heavy chests of tea.

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Still they yell and whoop; and over go the chests into the dark water below. And now, when every chest is gone, suddenly the Indians grow very quiet; they come off from the deck; and, orderly, take their stand upon the wharf; then do we see that they were not Indians at all. They were only men of Boston disguised. This then was the Boston tea-party, which took place in Boston Harbor on the evening of December 16, Pratt, Mara L. Sacagawea intrepidly guiding Lewis and Clark Sacagawea is the second great American historical myth of the aboriginal princess.

She gets to be on the dollar coin, after all — rather like the Queen in Canada. Although she is of course not the first Indian to feature on the coinage. She is commonly credited with guiding Lewis and Clark to the Pacific. This is almost certainly not true. Her principal value to the expedition was probably her mere presence, because it suggested to the various native groups the peaceful intent of the expedition. Nevertheless, her part has been lionized and widely commemorated because it fits with the desired American archetype of the good-hearted and wise Indian princess, especially as a founder figure.

The myth has continued to play out throughout American literature. And the eponymous Indian was certainly of the noble savage tribe—literally a noble in Indian terms, the son of a chief and last of his noble line. George A. Test, editor, pp.

Klondike Nuggets and How Two Boys Secured Them by Edward Sylvester Ellis (Englis

The townsfolk's slaughter of the wild animals is well beyond any safety or economic justification. In one scene, the hero character of Natty Bumppo, whose legendary wilderness skills and attitudes were honed through his intimate contact with nature and Indians, is appalled at their employment of a cannon to bring down a massive flock of migrating pigeons. This no doubt helped his characterization immeasurably.

His presence is representative of nature, and natural living, and he is often contrasted against the actions of other white characters like Harry March. One of the most poignant scenes in the novel takes place in chapter thirty-two, where Natty Bumppo stands between two trails, that to the garrison, and that to the village of the Delawares.

Waiting in one direction are Chingachgook and Hist-Oh!

Natty Bumppo is faced with the choice of moving on into the wilderness with the Indians or devoting himself to Judith and leading a domestic, civilized life with her. Ultimately, he chooses to go with Chingachgook and Hist-Oh! This is the ultimate American road less travelled. For Natty Bumppo too is a Mohican.

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The cowboy. The cowboy was never the enemy of the Indian. He was his cultural descendant and adopted brother. Both literary stock characters stood for a primitive freedom against encroaching settlement. Both must be understood, following the Eden convention, as people of the lost golden age, always riding off into the sunset, always the last of their kind, or even already extinct, beings of a more wonderful past. The Old West is almost dead, and it always was.

Innocence by its nature, like virginity, like childhood, must be under dire threat. We grow up. The noble savage has remained at the noble and savage heart of American literature. It became the first great American stage sensation. Washington Irving was another loyal fan of the Noble Savage. These are too commonly composed of degenerate beings, corrupted and enfeebled by the vices of society without being benefited by its civilization…. This is NOT a retyped or an ocr'd reprint. Illustrations, Index, if any, are included in black and white.

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This copy in tan cloth binding with gold-lettered titles and brightly colored Native American portrait on the cover.