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Living a happy, healthy, and successful life often requires adequate planning and foresight. It rarely happens by accident. Therefore, looking forward into the future is often just as important as reflecting backwards on our past, or living in the moment.

If we never think about the direction we want to go in our life, it is very unlikely we will get there. This is why it is so important to make our values and goals clear to ourselves. Try creating a rough timeline to better envision your goals. And any time we deviate from this fixed awareness — or get distracted by something else that catches our attention — we beat ourselves up because we are no longer living in the present. However, some research suggests that mind-wandering and daydreaming can actually come with some valuable benefits.

Just Friends. Downloads are available as MP files. Album Notes. An exceptional trio, which combines technical elegance and great interplay. The excellent American organist Ben Paterson is accompanied by two long-established musicians in the Italian music scene: Daniele Cordisco on guitar and Elio Coppola on drums.

Life Is Available only in the Present Moment

This new trio project proposes a nice jazz repertoire revisiting the style of the great Jimmy Smith: we also rediscover all the Jazz and Blues sounds that highlight the origins of the organist of Philadelphia, but also the extraordinary quality of the two Italian artists. What the trio wears is a whole mainstream dress with different original compositions, written bythe individual components of this new lineup. Log in to write a review.

STEVE PERRY - 'If Only For The Moment Girl'

Log in. You can access the properties of the currently loaded locale through the moment. It returns the current locale or a locale with the given key:. Details about firstDayOfYear can be found in the customization section. This locale will populate the dates with very obviously changed data.

Pseudo locales can be useful when testing, as they make obvious what data has and has not been localized. Just include the pseudo-locale, and set moment's locale to x-pseudo. Text from Moment will be very easy to spot. In general, you should create a locale setting with your customizations. You can remove a previously defined locale by passing null as the second argument. The deleted locale will no longer be available for use. Failing that it will default the parent to the global locale.

Any properties specified will be updated, while others will remain the same. This function does not affect moments that already exist. If you need more processing to calculate the name of the month, for example, if there is different grammar for different formats , Locale months can be a function with the following signature. It should always return a month name. Like Locale months , Locale monthsShort can be a callback function as well.

Locale weekdaysMin should be an array of two letter weekday abbreviations. The purpose of these is for things like calendar pickers, thus they should be as small as possible. LT should be the time format, and is also used for moment calendar. You can eliminate the lowercase l tokens and they will be created automatically by replacing long tokens with the short token variants.

Under the Weather

Locale relativeTime should be an object of the replacement strings for moment from. Locale relativeTime. For all others, a single character refers to the singular, and a double character refers to the plural. If a locale requires additional processing for a token, it can set the token as a function with the following signature.

The function should return a string. The key argument refers to the replacement key in the Locale relativeTime object. The number argument refers to the number of units for that key.

If Only For The Moment, Girl

For m , the number is the number of minutes, etc. The withoutSuffix argument will be true if the token will be displayed without a suffix, and false if it will be displayed with a suffix.

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The reason for the inverted logic is because the default behavior is to display with the suffix. Locale isPM should return true if the input string is past 12 noon. This is used in parsing the a A tokens. To configure what strings should be parsed as input, set the meridiemParse property. Each of the Locale calendar keys can also be a callback function with the scope of the current moment and first argument a moment that depicts now.

It should return a formatting string. Previously, only the ordinal was returned. It is a string of the token that is being ordinalized, for example: M or d. For more information on ordinal numbers, see Wikipedia. For example, by default more than 45 seconds is considered a minute, more than 22 hours is considered a day and so on. To change those cutoffs use moment. Note: Retrieving and setting ss threshold was added in 2. To control the rounding you can use moment. If you want to change the time that Moment sees, you can specify a method that returns the number of milliseconds since the Unix epoch January 1, This will be used when calling moment , and the current date used when tokens are omitted from format.

In general, any method that needs the current time uses this under the hood. Locale week.

Where a moment is defined as single points in time, durations are defined as a length of time. A duration is conceptually more similar to '2 hours' than to 'between 2 and 4 pm today'.

Session Expiration Warning

As such, they are not a good solution to converting between units that depend on context. For example, a year can be defined as days, days, Trying to convert years to days makes no sense without context. It is much better to use moment diff for calculating days or years between two moments than to use Durations.

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To create a duration, call moment. If you want to create a moment with a unit of measurement other than milliseconds, you can pass the unit of measurement as well. The same shorthand for moment add and moment subtract works here as well. Much like moment add , you can pass an object of values if you need multiple different units of measurement. NET style time spans. The following formats are supported. The format is an hour, minute, second string separated by colons like The number of days can be prefixed with a dot separator like so 7.

Partial seconds are supported as well To create an invalid duration you can pass NaN for a value of a unit. Create a clone of a duration. Durations are mutable, just like moment objects, so this lets you get a snapshot, at some point in time. Sometimes, you want all the goodness of moment from but you don't want to have to create two moments, you just want to display a length of time.

To get the number of milliseconds in a duration, use moment.