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Mystikos Envelopes offers you a new practical, durable and elegant solution for your performances. In each pack you will receive: 10 normal envelopes 10 window envelopes with removable clear plastic Made in mystic black color. Strong Tyvek material guaranteed to last for repeated use.

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You can use it as a single item, or in conjunction with other props such as our Universal Switch Device to expand your options! You will also receive video and written instructions with a variety of commercial ideas and routines: 1.

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Homage to Theo: A full act using a powerful combination of principles. Its initial role is unclear; he was probably the Byzantine emperor's private secretary. In time, the office also exercised judicial duties. It became an important fiscal official in the Komnenian period , and remained one of the highest-ranking state offices into the Palaiologan period as well. The office first appears in the reign of Emperor Basil I the Macedonian r. Due to their proximity to the emperor, the holders of the office had considerable power.

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The title's functions at this time, however, are again unclear. In the 10th and 11th centuries, a number of offices were based on the term mystikos.

He was possibly the assistant of the mystikos , since he follows right after him in the list of offices of the Escorial Taktikon , written ca. All the lines are busy at the moment, please try again in a moment.

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