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Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. Even those Kiriwinians who managed to imbibe some of the stories of the old and New Testament found it possible to make very sophisticated Christian distinctions.

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Certainly the incidents of the Old Testament interested listeners much more than Pauline theology. On sexual morality, a Kiriwina man's reply to H. Hogbin illustrated an impressively selective approach. Hogbin thereupon quoted the two biblical passages he remembered from remembered. The Kiriwinian exclaimed. Murray, Diary, 28 June , ML. Quoted by Wetherell, op.

K.B. Stevens

In Kiriwina a trader organized a conch shell-blowing contest to drown out the first Methodist service in The whole land belongs to Satan. The people have no sympathy with our missions. They know how to thieve, and we grieve greatly that by and bye all our goods will be gone. Gilmour built a hospital for the first magistrate, Dr R. Bellamy, who tried to wage a war there against venereal disease.

Other places under religious domination - such as Ubuia where Bessie later moved - were said to be almost entirely free of gonorrhoea. Fellows wrote that his wife 'dared not leave [the house] even for a moment, lest something should be stolen'. And the higher the rank - and a teacher in Kiriwina was recognized as possessing almost chiefly attributes - the greater the obligation to share.

But this was all in the future and our story begins in Nowra NSW. Tough as life in New Guinea must have been for a girl from Nowra she would later experience, mostly vicariously, the trials and tribulations of the Bull Community during the great Depression of the s. Bellamy's contribution to the control of venereal disease in Kiriwina from see R. II No. Malinowski, op. There, in humpies made of canvas and corrugated iron, women would give birth to tiny malnourished babies who would lie in shoe boxes die just a few days old before they succumbed to death.

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Bulli Methodist Manse and Church. Bessie Corfield lived here with her husband the Reverend Percy Waterhouse The patriarch of this Methodist family was Mr. He came to Australia as a four year old with his parents and worked for a time at his trade from his residence at Queen Street Woollahra during the s His first marriage produced nine daughters — one of whom, the future Methodist Missionary Sarah Elizabeth known as Bessie , was born to William and the former Alice Bridge on 16 February or, possibly, Oddly there is no birth record for her.

Curiously Edith and Constance would end up marrying the same man, William Hotchkiss, after Edith died in childbirth in September William Corfield married for a second time in early and died six months later at Ashfield in Sydney.

Deviant Sex

To Miss Beatie [Bessie] Corfield he presented a book from her class; to Mr Corfield a large copy of the Methodist Hymn Book and a mounted walking-stick inscribed , for Mrs Corfield a purse of sovereigns. Three albumen photographic prints c. More revealing are the various reports she recorded in letters home to friends and family — and the surprising thing is that so many appeared in local newspapers. In combination they provide a significant record of her experiences and it is unlikely that anywhere near as much detail of life on Kiriwina has been provided by any other female missionary teacher.

The Methodist Sydney 7 January p. Her deeds of Christian derring-do reached as far afield as the South Australians who had originally sent her to do missionary work as their second rather than first choice. It would be difficult to find one more eminently fitted for the work among the Papuans. In our Sister came to Adelaide on furlough, and did a considerable amount of deputation work. In June, , Sister Bessie's health gave her friends considerable anxiety, particularly as her retirement from the work seemed almost inevitable.

Prayer was offered on her behalf at the monthly meeting of the. Central Committee. Percy had been a Methodist missionary in Fiji and arrived in Papua in The marriage took place on 11 April He preached his last service at Collaroy in Bessie Corfield, after leaving Nowra in , not only provided the many rare snippets of insight into life on the island of Kiriwina included above. Apart from the published letters and reports included above, Bessie also produced five hand-written diary journals with daily entries for all of and These, together with some albumen photographs, an autograph album sent to Bessie from home, news clippings of Bessie and also a rare foolscap booklet entitled "Grammar Of The Kiriwina Dialect And Kiriwina Vocabulary" by Rev.

Fellows, are her legacy.

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I include a full scan of it below. What is most surprising though is how little success Bessie and the Methodists had in converting the heathens from their wicked ways. The old joke that the puritanical Methodists being opposed to sex because it might lead to dancing appears to have little impact on the consciousness of either the Kiriwina Islanders or on Bessie. William Bromilow had permitted dancing, E.

Johns at Kiriwina even claimed to admire it. When missionaries tried to subdue the practices of polygamous chiefs some very uncomfortable religious twists and turns proved necessary. If I want to enter class I must put her away. How can I do it after all these years? Yet he rather broadmindedly thought they should not be prevented from so doing. So by at Kiriwinian with, for example, eight wives might be a steward, class leader or preacher in the Methodist church, provided that he did not take a ninth.

And, it is from this birth certificate, that we first find that Bessie was not really her name. Where members were enrolled in , only remained six years later. Where fifty 58 George Brown, Polynesians and Melanesians: Their life-histories described and compared, London, , A postcard also seems to indicate that Methodism has had little impact on the clothing choices of the younger generation of Kiriwinians Shameless exposure of the breasts by young women was recognised as a problem current at the Methodist stations on Kiriwina in the year before Bessie arrived.

The images are not all that different from vintage photographs indicating similar states of nudity just five years before Bessie arrived on the island.

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In the preface Malinowski says that sexuality "dominates in fact almost every aspect of culture". He then gives gives a detailed description of the social organisation of sexuality social rites, partner choice, etc. Children do not submit to a system of "domestic coercion" or "regular discipline": they "enjoy considerable freedom and independence". The idea of a child being "beaten or otherwise punished in cold blood" by a parent is viewed as unnatural and immoral and when proposed by westerners like the anthropologist is "rejected with resentment".

attidgiomi.tk Things are asked "as from one equal to another; a simple command, implying the expectation of natural obedience, is never heard from parent to child in the Trobriands". You will not be able to make us leave our Kiriwina custom. This act of worshipping is sacrilegious. They are mad.

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They have not seen the light. Born in Scotland in , Macgregor became chief medical officer in Fiji in and was appointed Administrator of British New Guinea in He instituted a police force and was Later Governor of Queensland. As Administrator Macgregor engaged in public polemics on behalf of the missions.

Sexual Coercion

Denis Diderot , —84 5, articles. When a religious life did not work out, he drifted toward a bohemian life of letters in Paris. By this time, he had developed a heterodox philosophy that included elements of fatalism, materialism, and at least deism if not atheism.

One of his works, Letter on the Blind , earned him a stay in the prison at Vincennes, where he was famously visited by Rousseau. Diderot quickly became the driving force behind the project as writer, editor, propagandist, and recruiter of collaborators. Also unique was the extensive interest shown by Diderot and his collaborators in the world of the arts and trades, reflected in the eleven volumes of plates that appeared from to , as well as in some of the articles on economic policy anthologized here.

These problems are both reflected and generated by important articles of his such as Political Authority and Natural Right in this volume. Joachim Faiguet de Villeneuve , —80? Not much is known about his early life except that he hailed from a Breton family of businessmen and was himself a pig merchant in Paris for a period of time. Pierre — —that are found in the two articles reproduced in this anthology, Masterships and Savings. From an old and distinguished cloth-making family in Le Mans, Forbonnais or Fortbonnais attended a Jansenist secondary school in Paris before joining the family business, traveling to Spain, Italy, and elsewhere as an agent.

When Vincent de Gournay, another distinguished merchant, became royal intendant of commerce in , Forbonnais became a member of his circle and found his niche, becoming perhaps the leading writer on economic matters in the s before the Physiocrats emerged to prominence.