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If you fumble around too much with your camera, you might scare the butterflies away. First, use an ISO between and As much as possible, stick to to avoid image noise. When you find yourself in the shade, you can bump up the value to They will only make the depth of field even more narrow and give you a hard time focusing.

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The deep DOF they produce would help you keep your subject sharp. If you do not have a fast shutter speed, your butterfly will end up blurry in your photo. This autofocus feature allows your camera to track any movement in your frame and focus on that. Simply point your lens at the butterfly while half-pressing the shutter button and let your device do the rest.

The only downside is that it may not always focus on the areas that you want sharp. First, disable your Autofocus Mode. Then turn your focus ring left or right until your subject looks sharp. The final technique is a bit unusual, but it works well especially for macro photography. Check if the DOF is too shallow to focus manually.

If so, shift your body closer or farther from your subject instead without moving the focus ring. This means that you should stabilize your camera all the time. Doing so will not only keep your hands from getting tired, but it also prevents too much camera shake.

The best way to stabilize your butterfly photography shots is by using a tripod.

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Set it up near a flower bed and loosen the head enough to let you move your camera. That way you can shoot at any angle you want while following the butterflies. If you want more freedom of movement, then use a monopod. It lets you get closer to the scene just by shifting your weight. For low angle shots, consider getting a Gorillapod or any regular tabletop tripod.

Since these pieces of equipment are all portable, you can bring them all with you whenever you need to photograph butterflies. Patience is a critical virtue in nature photography.

Journey North: Monarch Butterfly

Everything is a waiting game, even when it comes to photographing butterflies. Butterflies, like most insects, are restless creatures. You have to be stealthy and move at a slow pace. Before taking pictures, hang around the flower bed for a good ten minutes.

10 Beautiful Butterfly Houses From Around The World

Stay still and observe all the activity around you. Once the butterflies get used to your presence, start taking pictures. It will also help a lot if you shoot in the morning when butterflies are still sluggish. If you find it hard to follow them around, wait for them to perch on a flower to guarantee good shots. Then you should try cropping your images. But why crop the image in the first place? The simple answer is that it magnifies your photo, so it looks a whole lot bigger than the original. To crop your photo, first, open your file using your favorite editing suit.

Then click the cropping tool and select the area that you want to enlarge. Also, remember to recompose your image while cropping.

Crazy Town - Butterfly (Official Video)

Do you have a megapixel digital camera or better? Then you can crop your photos without affecting the quality that much. How about if your camera is megapixels or under? The tragedy in Sandy Hook prompted nationwide calls for greater gun control in America — but even limited legislation was defeated in the Senate in April.

But Sandy Hook Promise , an alliance that Mrs Hockley helps to lead, has now launched a new campain for grassroots changes. Even though tears well in her eyes at times, she speaks with the eloquence of a woman determined that her son did not die in vain. Asked how she finds the strength to fight on, she tells me she draws inspiration from an anecdote she first related in front of a packed memorial service.

Dylan was diagnosed with autism shortly before they left Britain, and would flap his arms up and down whenever he was excited or happy. And I said that Dylan and all the others that died that day were now our butterflies and that they were going to drive change across the country, if not the world.

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It tears my heart, as Dylan is not there, but it shows that Jake is coming through this. He misses Dylan terribly and I can see that every day. But I think he will be amazing as a result. Mrs Hockley met her husband at the University of East Anglia in , on just the second day of a year studying abroad. They fell in love and married in Both parents are full of praise for the teachers and authorities at Sandy Hook elementary, but they switched Jake to another school to continue his education.

While they were tempted to leave, the family eventually decided to remain in Sandy Hook. I lived in England for 18 years and I love everything about the United Kingdom.

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But we chose Sandy Hook for very specific reasons, and the community has continued to embrace us and give us support and love. There is one room she cannot enter, however. Such reminders of the tragedy are almost constant. On the day we talk, a judge has ordered the release of tapes of calls to emergency services from inside the school. They detail the terrifying moments when Lanza launched his rampage. Mrs Hockley was a passionate opponent of the tapes being made public.

The Hockleys did not know Lanza or his mother Nancy, who lived across the road but out of sight of the house they rented. His mother, a gun enthusiast, failed to secure her collection of five weapons; she became the first victim of his rampage that morning.

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Does Mrs Hockley blame her for the horrors of that day? If she had made different decisions, nobody needed to have died that day. Yes, if she was alive, I would hold her responsible. In the wake of the disaster, Mrs Hockley and her family found themselves pitched into battle with one of the powerful forces in America, the National Rifle Association.