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She fears Jessica has gotten too close to the killer for her own good. Author Susan Wittig Albert weaves an assortment of plausible suspects into the story keeping the reader on their toes for clues as China closes in on the killer. Most of the chapters begin with a bit of information about various herbs and plants. In addition, readers are treated to a number of delicious recipes and herbal mixtures in the back of the book. LibraryThing member NewsieQ. China Bayles comes upon a mobile home fire, hears a woman inside call for help, but is unable to save her.

What a horrible way to die! It turns out the fire was arson, and its unidentified victim tied up and unable to help herself. As a fire witness, China becomes a news source for an up-and-coming and ambitious college intern, Jessica Nelson, at the local paper in fictional Pecan Springs, Texas. Young Jessica is eager to track down the story and make a name for herself. To find the missing reporter, China needs to find the killer. Mourning Gloria is just the kind of book the many fans of Susan Wittig Albert expect from this veteran author. I, for one, have been reading the China Bayles mysteries along with other of Ms.

LibraryThing member JBarringer. I already am not fond of China the sleuth , and making her a mother of a young girl seems to have brought out a sappiness in her that was better hidden before. This book needed more careful editing, with far too much extraneous detail and backstory so that the actual story felt sluggish.

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Every time the momentum seemed to be thinking about building, the focus would shift away from the story again. And, since most of the characters actually involved in the murder were not active in the first half of the book, they seem like tricks the author popped into the story to make it work, rather than actual characters within the world of the story. I was not impressed with this book, though at least the author manages to bring up psychoactive plants without siding either pro- or anti-pot, a tricky stance to achieve in any genre.

LibraryThing member dragonflydee1. LibraryThing member mchwest. I am an avid gardener and I love this series.

I have every book and sometimes get behind but remember the love of reading when I get into one of SWA's books! Plus the fact she obviously hates cilantro is another check on her side for me. I can just imagine just finding her as an author not read and getting the chance to read the whole series from the start over again. Well written and so descriptive and some books with recipes at the end to boot. LibraryThing member yoder. This is the 19th book in the China Bayles series and another very enjoyable book from Albert.

China is nearing home and notices a mobile home on fire. Approacing the door of the home she hears the cry of a female, then an expolsion rips the the home.

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The only clue the police find is a braclet with the initials G. China mentions the event to an intern, Jessica, at Pecan Valley's newspaper. She lost her parents and twin sisteres in a houe fire. Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. Now ex-lawyer and current herbalist China Bayles must stop a killer whose evil is burning through Texas China is relishing the scents, produce, and even the showers of spring.

She's also busy hosting Pecan Springs' Farmers' Market. It brings additional customers to her herb shop Thyme and Seasons. And residents find rare ingredients they wouldn't otherwise find in the supermarket. Everybody wins But as the town bustles back to life in the warmth of the season, one woman's life is tragically brought to an end.

Spanish Dagger: A China Bayles Mystery Audiobook Written By Susan Wittig Albert

China happens upon a burning house trailer and hears a woman screaming for help. The evidence leaves no doubt that it's arson homicide--but who would commit such a ghastly crime? An intern-reporter at the local paper, Jessica Nelson, is assigned to cover the story. Drawn into the case by its similarity to her own tragic loss--Jessica's family died in a fire--she soon finds herself deeply involved and in danger.

And when Jessica disappears, China becomes determined to help find her, before she becomes headlines herself People who bought this also bought.

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