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While marketing is a broad field that offers many different career opportunities, most MBA graduates find work in three general categories right out of school: brand management, product management, and marketing management.

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In a way, brand managers are like CEOs because they have so much autonomy in making decisions over their assigned brands. This marketing job also requires a lot of quantitative work in the form of analyzing data to interpret current sales and forecast future demand. Product managers work with marketing and engineering to launch and update both software and hardware projects. Most product managers are found in tech companies that make software, hardware, or both.

Product managers sit between the marketing team and the engineering team, working with both of them to gather information from customers and translate it into different features and updates. They also help shepherd the launch of new products or new versions of existing ones. Marketing managers may eventually choose to specialize in certain areas, such as online marketing. You must get your name out there and know your audience.

The truth is that most successful entrepreneurs have a wonderful vision coupled with a business plan and they back it all up with a visual and emotional presence. We proceed to market that brand to become a familiar household name to our audience. She teaches and mentors authors, speakers and entrepreneurs on how to build a platform, attract major media, launch a podcast and secure publishing contracts.

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Known as the master of connecting the right people, for the right project, at the right time — Pam Perry works hard to help her clients brand themselves so they are known as a legend in their industry. Whether you have been in business at the same location for 18 years, or just getting started on your first venture, the MBA Course is needed to solidify your brand and take you to the plateau that you know you belong.

The course is designed for seasoned and novice entrepreneurs in mind. Start with the avatar section with marketing and you will be well on your way. Creating your personal GPS.

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Global Profit Strategy. Detect, Dissect and Direct. As an entrepreneur it is essential that you have a resource that you can easily refer to for structure and guidance. This easy to comprehend handbook will provide you with that foundation so your business can excel in the ever changing economical climate. After several hours of research, years of on-the-job training and a multitude of mistakes — I figured it out and it is yours!