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DOI: ywuzydivibef. English French. Search Browse. By title By subject By publisher. With over titles, including individual and collected works as well as reviews and numbered editions, the catalogue contains a diverse collection of research.

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In addition to subjects traditionally taught in the humanities, particularly French and foreign literature and culture ancient, modern and contemporary , language sciences, language and translation, the New Sorbonne has also broadened its course offerings to new horizons: cinema and theatre, media and communication, economics and European studies. The PSN is thus paving the way for innovative approaches in research.

It is chaired by a lecturer-researcher who is a member of the Research Commission and, at its two annual sessions, convenes representatives appointed by the different components of the university. Its purpose is to examine the submitted manuscripts and to evaluate the opportunities should the PSN publish it. The review focuses on assessing the scientific qualities of the work, but also considers whether it possesses the required qualities of readability, stylistic, linguistic and typographic quality, cohesiveness and logic of exposition, etc.

On the basis of this review, the Commission then takes a decision about the publishing opportunity presented by the manuscript and about assistance to publish: these proposals are submitted to the Research Commission for approval. The Publications Commission, led by its chair, comprises two representatives of each of the departments of the university, one representative of the Research Commission, the director of the PSN and the administration manager.

For three months, journalist Hugo Meunier went undercover at a Walmart.

Immigration, intégration et diversité sur le marché du travail

With a remarkable sense of detail he describes a typical day in the life of a low wage earner working for the largest retailer in the world. Political Moments assembles articles, communications, interviews and radio talks responding to political events over the past thirty years. He powerfully embodies the social and political history of Quebec. His life and deeds are told in this brilliant biography written after years of thorough research which presents a man in all his contradictions and unique character.

During the s, when the misery of hunger, unemployment and the threat of war shadowed life for many, Canadians were drawn to a wide range of new political ideas. Communism, socialism, but also Fascist ideas appealed to some. Out of these circumstances emerged a Canadian fascist party led by a Montreal journalist, Adrien Arcand who became a significant part of the political scene through most of the s.

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Once Canada declared war on Germany and Italy, Arcand was imprisoned for his political views. This fascinating biography sheds light on a man and an era that have been hidden in the shadows for too long. Jean-Marie Harribey is an economist with the University of Bordeaux IV and a former lecturer and associate professor of economics and social science.

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Valmy, Austerlitz, Ulm,Waterloo… somany battles whose names are so familiar to us. Who is aware that the clash resulted, in , in one of the worst defeats of the Napoleonic wars? Or that the Black Haitians were making demands in line with the ideals of the Revolution? Those that know this history are few and far between, because France, defeated, set to work erasing every trace of its embarrassment.

Yet this battle should be recognized as a milestone: its outcome, disastrous to the French colonial power, irreparably cracked the foundations of slavery.

Les espagnols : De la guerre civile à lEurope (Hors collection) (French Edition)

In this work, Jean-Pierre Le Glaunec describes the unbelievable violence of this war between masters and former slaves, between the troops of Generals Leclerc and Rochambeau and the so-called Indigenous Army of Jean-Jacques Dessalines. He questions the meaning of the erasure of this battle from French history, as well as the troubled place it holds in the memory of the Haitian elite, as a symbol of emancipation sometimes cumbrous to those who would maintain practices of enslavement.

Each chapter describes the intellectual journey of one of these thinkers and analyzes his or her contribution to a constantly evolving field, thus offering readers an overview of the various forms of contemporary Anglo-Saxon Marxism. This heterogeneous and staunchly antidogmatic current has common leanings, such as criticism of economic reductionism and increased sensitivity to the historical processes of relationships of domination.

The authors gathered between these covers historians, sociologists, political scientists, geographers and philosophers have each contributed in a unique way to the vast discipline of Marxist thought and historical materialism, which, a century and a half after its founding, continues to grow. What is the power of literature?

What if it was in the cities that a social Europe were to come to life? If mayors were to bring about this imagined community, disfigured by the banks, the troika, and mediocre economists? Such are the hopes that current-day Spain has to offer us. Far from the stuck-up arrogance of austerity, indignant and rebellious city halls have sprung up in dozens of cities, including Barcelona and Madrid. Despite the promises of Podemos, Spanish national politics are stammering. But at the municipal level, strong and charismatic figures, such as the squatter Ada Colau and the anti-Franco judge Manuela Carmena, are exploring new ways to do politics.

Ludovic Lamant met dozens of women and men belonging to this civic wave that has flooded across Spain.

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Alternating between testimonials, journalism, and political analysis, he retraces the political, historical, and social origins of the phenomenon and proposes an initial assessment. A portrait of unprecedented citizen platforms in Europe, this story of an enduring uprising also proves to be a tool box for other movements defending the commons elsewhere in the world. Women are absent from the official history of America — do we say it often enough? Follow the pilgrimage of fourteen woodsmen — men of the mountains, horsemen of the plains, mule drivers, ice navigators, and desert traders.

By tracing their path, we uncover some of those forgotten stories that have been relegated to the more obscure pages of human history, yet which can reveal so much. The great tales of North Americans have consistently omitted these Canadians — those we called French Canadians until the early twentieth century.

But they also want their steak. These practices and beliefs conspire to convince us, from childhood, that it is normal, natural, and necessary to eat animal products.

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However nothing could actually be further from the truth — in terms of our health, animal ethics, and environmental sustainability. In this engaging and accessible essay, Martin Gibert synthesizes contemporary debates on themeat paradox. In the debating speeches, variant notes are used when there is a Fabian Society transcript and a version edited by H.

In such cases the typescripts serve as copy-text, and substantive differences are recorded only when the wording of the latter has been preferred.

See, e. Finally, in this category, the variants in No. The walking tours Nos. Appendix A gives the physical details about the manuscripts. Appendix B supplies enclosures from and letters pertaining to the French journal and notebook. Appendix C lists and explains the textual emendations, while Appendix D is an index of persons and works cited in the text. Finally, there is an analytic Index, prepared by Dr.

I particularly wish to thank the Department of Geography of the University of Toronto for preparing the maps. As ever my work has been gladdened and lessened by the warming and unstinted aid of individuals; among the host, D. Conlon, Stephen R. Conway, Eileen M. Curran, Lawrence Dewan, H. Jackson, Bruce L. Mineka, Penny Nettlefold, Pamela G. Nunn, Eric W. Roberts, Ann Christine Robson, S. Solecki, the late Leonard Woodbury, and R. As is their wont, members of the Editorial Committee have enriched and corrected me: for these volumes I am especially indebted to R.

McRae and Ann P.