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Also, enjoy watching the process of a drawing in diverse categories.

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Transform snaps into art. Make photos more special by turning them into masterpieces.

Sketch Filter extracts the lines of your chosen picture for you to color in. Relieve stress and have fun in your leisure time by coloring. You can access various designs and create original art by adding your own artistic touch. Be inspired and be motivated to create art as you participate in the Challenge.


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Photographic printing processes also allowed more accuracy in reproducing the artist's original work. By , a full array of colors and tones could be reproduced. Along with improved reproduction processes came the development of high-speed printing presses. This allowed books and magazines to be produced quickly and cheaply. Illustrated magazines became popular, creating a new need for illustrations.

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The American artist Winslow Homer was one of the best-known magazine illustrators in the United States. His wood-engraved images of the Civil War were first printed in Harper's Weekly. Toward the end of the 's, the quality of some printed illustrations suffered from the misuse of faster, cheaper printing methods. The English writer and designer William Morris believed that book design could be improved by returning to early hand-printing processes such as the woodcut.

His influence was felt all over Europe. Even today many illustrators still choose these early methods over modern printing techniques. During the late 's and early 's, many illustrators began to focus their efforts on books for children. In England, Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac created beautiful illustrations for children's story books.

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Their pictures were filled with gnomes, fairies, goblins, and other fanciful creatures. Kate Greenaway created charming watercolor illustrations of children. Beatrix Potter wrote and illustrated The Tale of Peter Rabbit and many other books with animal characters. A noted French illustrator of the period was Bernard Boutet de Monvel, whose pictures accurately captured the moods and actions of young children.

In the United States, illustrators took advantage of the greater accuracy of photographic printing processes. They produced beautiful full-color illustrations for a variety of children's books.

Howard Pyle wrote and illustrated many well-known works. Wyeth illustrated many classic works of literature, bringing the stories to life with his depictions of adventure and romance. The popularity of illustrated magazines, which had begun to be published in the mid's, continued throughout the first half of the 's. Many artists became famous for their magazine illustrations. During the 's magazines increasingly used photographs as illustrations. They used them first in advertisements and later for stories and feature articles. This trend led to a decline in the importance of illustration art.

During the 's and 's, television began to replace illustrated magazines as a popular means of visual communication. As one major magazine after another stopped publishing, illustrators looked for other markets for their talents. Many found work in television. They drew storyboards sketches used to guide the action for commercials and television shows or created the drawings for animated cartoons.

They can then dictate the story to you. Older children should start with the story and then decide which scenes they want to illustrate. Budget about 50 words per page for text-only pages and no more than 20 words for pages with half-page illustrations.

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If the paper you use is too small, the image will look grainy when you enlarge it to fill the page. Digitizing the drawings takes about a minute per drawing with most scanners. Make sure the resolution is set to dpi, or print resolution. There are also more book-centric sites like Blurb that have more storybook-oriented templates.

If you choose a book that has a dust jacket, you may want to include a picture and bio of your child. My eight year old grandson wants me to help him create a website. I want it to be safe and free would be good also. From Hiliary on July 10, :: pm.