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Lasciate i vostri contatti per i lettori, e scrivete le ultime parole di quest' intervista. Non apparteniamo ad alcun credo o setta, cultura o razza, ne' ad alcun periodo storico; la vita e' un museo, nulla ci appartiene, e noi apparteniamo ad ogni cosa.


E-mail: info wormhole. First of all, thank you for the interview. You come from the province of Pavia, north Italy. Before talking about music, tell us something about the place in which you live. We all live in the country, in small towns near to one another, at about 30 km. The band was founded in January Renzo bass player and I Daniela, drummer were looking for a very very special guitar player, and found him Sacha by leaving a note in a cd shop.

What are the main sources of inspiration, about music and lyrics?

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We really listen to all kind of rock music, from The Who to Tool, but I think we are inspired especially by Qotsa, Motorpsycho, Radiohead talking about the present. Concerning the guitar man, his favourite is, with no doubt, John Frusciante. The main reason of psychedelic influence is given by the quantity and the quality of analogic effects he uses old and rare boss, vox, electroharmonics, and so on. Well, generally I Daniela write the lyrics.

I' m a passionate reader of classical poetry and science-fiction books. Can you imagine what mess is in my mind? I' m mainly interested in the sound of words, rather than in their sense. I talk about my own experiences, dreams, visions, and sometimes I' m into reality, dealing with social more than political problems.

Mainly Sacha comes with an idea, some riff or chords, and we give them a structure. We all decide together arrangements, then come the lyrics. Our song have been played by local and national networks and tv Sky Network , but most of all we promote the band on the net, and often give our cds for free during our gigs.

Is there a cooperation with other D. Italian or foreign entities? No, we have our own studio and we like to produce our song.


Oh yes, at least until we meet Rick Rubin Rick, are you reading? We always play twice a week: we take it as it was a job and work really hard to get on the stage well prepared. Concerning gigs, well, sometimes we play almost every week, sometimes we stop for a long time. It depends on what we' re doing: at the moment we are writing new songs and making new arrangements for older ones, as we' ve just found another member for the band. I know that there is an interesting musical meeting named "Scaldasole Rock" in your Province. Please, show us the situation. It' s getting harder.

Pubs prefer cover bands, local contests are good for younger people. We often play, especially in the summer, at music meetings, but always outside our province. Do you think that there are differences in underground musicians' cleverness, bands' attitude, opportunities for concerts, ways of bands' promotion, between 15 years ago and now?

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There' s a gap. Renzo in the early 90' s played in a band called "Bone Machine". Well, they played everywhere. Once they opened for Love Battery. The fact is that there was a different approach to what sounded new and unheard.


Not least, nowadays nobody buys cds, so indies disappear, promoters run away, managers look for conventional bands. Money rulez! About attitude we may say that today in Italy we have great players but few musicians. The younger mostly follow fashion and play what "goes" now, inspired by punk but without knowing what Punk was , or inspired by great crossover bands, such as Korn, but without adding anything new. The older turn to play only covers, just to make money with music.

There are still ideas somewhere, good ideas, but who can help to bring them out? We haven' t exactly made a plan. Now we' re working with a synth player, who will probably add new sounds to our songs. As we have just enough material, we' ll make a new cd. Last words All good stuff. You come from the province of Udine, north-east Italy. Well, our country is a land with beautiful sunsets but when it begins to rain it' s really the bottom of the world.

Udine, the main town, is called "Italy' s urinal". The people is often like the autumn sky, full of heavy fucking thoughts about job and life. But the nature, if you look for it, is really great, a breath for soul! Escapism' s history is the same bad history of many young bands: a lot of changes in the line-up, but a strong faith in our music.

The name Escapism means our desire to escape reality. This is not a good action, but everyone today seems to be elsewhere with his mind. We don' t want to escape, but our dreams do: it' s simply life, you can' t fight against life! The beautiful thing is when dreams make a better world. Of course the rage and violence that run under today' s peaceful life, the anguish of loneliness, the chains of the past, the chaos of the running modernity, but also the hope of a more spiritual world, the pure light of sunny skies in our land. If you tell me about musical references, everyone in the group have different influences.

The drummer Marco listen to Pantera and Meshuggah, the guitarist Lorenzo is fond of King Crimson, the bassist Nicola is heavy metal oriented, the keyboard Stefano listen to Dream Theater and Mozart, the singer Giulio loves Italian rock. More the lyrics are tied to life, more we can say to have created a good song. Well, the songs in the form of fetus are in Lorenzo' s guitarist mind, both lyrics and music. When they see the light in a rudimental form, the other musicians clean the placenta and give the songs a more refined form, adding them a peace of their musical personality.

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This doesn' t exclude that there can be abortions There can be also some bastard children whose mother is the bitch Pop Music: well, we immediately kill them!! We care really little about promotion A great help for promotion comes from the mythical Claudio Faggion Our demo "Industrial Scream" was reviewed with excellent words by some critics, but some defects, remarked by others, are real: the production is not so good the cd is homemade and the voice of the singer not always the best.

But what is real a matter of satisfaction is that its strong feeling has been noticed by many people, our message has not fallen in nothing. No, we did everything by ourselves. Our rehearsals are really made of hard work: we always look for the best, but in what we do there is always passion. Sometimes Stefano comes out with some tango or polka and the singer Giulio begins to roll on the floor In our concerts we give all that we can and more! During the last one the guitarist Lorenzo had one finger blooding for the too much heavy playing, the drummer Marco fucked one hand between the cymbals because of the rage in beating them.

It' s really not easy to find places to play your music: pubs want cover-bands. However with some effort it' s possible: musical meetings for young bands are continuously growing. The scene is not too rich: the musicians are little and always the same around. The best way for doing something is to keep in touch with other young bands and to help each other. We hope the best, obviously: to play around as much as possible and to communicate with people through our music!

We want also to explore new musical territories, wherever the free creativeness will take us You come from the province of Treviso, in the so called rich north east Italy. Tell us something, and tell us if really this general wellbeing exists. What can I tell you? Well, if you stay here for a week, you' ll see only factories and bourgeois cities; now "traders" after covering us with cement, are going to invest their money outside Italy and they' re leaving behind only poverty, naziskins and idiot "leghisti" an Italian xenophobe political movement which is based on the north rural population ; about mentality it' s not a good place where living!

We come from a sad little town around suburb of Treviso called "Spresiano"; "Gargantha" was born between and , at the beginning composed by 3 members Matteo, Mauro and Enrico. In September we recorded 5 songs for the first cd EP "Boy-cot-friendo"; exactly one year later we recorded other five songs which came out on 10 "; in the same period I joined the band like second guitar.

So, what are the main sources of inspiration, about music and lyrics?

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It' s impossible for me give you only one answer; everyone of us listens to different types of music and not only inside hardcore genre. Source of inspiration is everything collide with you, everyday, which is able to involve so much to drive you to write a song. Partially I have already answered to you.

Generally we put in the lyrics all the topics which mostly get us angry and that we don' t accept: every suppression of liberty, in its every form and subject. It depends. Usually Matteo and Mauro compose some riffs and together we try to sketch out a song, sometimes lyrics come before music and guide writing of the song.

A provocative question: don' t you think that nowadays there are too many compilations around? Is a compilation still a good way for a band' s promotion?

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  • No, we like "Gargantha" have never produced any compilation; maybe you are speaking about cooperation of Enrico our bassplayer , Ginopatrizio and Alberto members of Mr Hankey and Wild Gosling respectively with all the bands that are present in this work: they collected together money enough to produce a compilation to distro D. It' s true, there are a lot of comp and who produce them ask you a lot of money, put in only one cd 70 bands!?