Manual Hit and Run Kindle Publishing: Make quick cash writing what you already know

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And of course, no best-seller is complete without a few testimonials.

Hit and Run Kindle Publishing: Make quick cash writing what you already know

Because of that, the most important tactic, according to our insider, is to seed the book with tons of fake reviews. Amazon makes fake reviews super easy. Publishers are given a promotion period of up to five days where the book is free to download. Many authors use this time to solicit reviews from their friends, family, and fake reviewers so they can get the love without the cost. Most of the reviews were yanked from other books. They all say the same things and reading through them convinced me that they were fake to begin with.

I sent the book to 50 friends. This worked super well and, after a couple days, we had 45 reviews with an average rating of 4. This part only took two days. At one point, I accidentally had two different friends use the same review. Thankfully, neither were flagged. Our insider had a team of reviewers he found on Craigslist.

Google , the user on Fiverr we used, was able to provide up to 60 reviews within a few hours. The book was ranked 6 in African-American Romance, a very competitive category, within two days of starting. By the third day though, it looked like it was too crowded to hit 1 with only a few days of planning.

Make Money Publishing On Amazon - Book Publishing Process 2019

When I saw the 1 next to my book, I felt like a proud father of a beautiful — but sleazy — baby girl. The book was downloaded 1, times during the promotional period and had 9 sales. The rest were organic. Not at all. I made the grade and hit it big time in only a week. It should be noted that my rise to stardom happened in the free section of the Kindle store.

Just email them. Follow us on Facebook to get periodic updates on the sales. You know, the first buck you make in the literary world really makes scamming innocent people totally worth it. Chedda heavy. Although this was a small test with a low number of sales, this experiment proved that this method can be a successful way to claim credibility. Gaming Amazon is a tough issue. On one hand, readers are sometimes duped into buying books that come from less-than-reputable sources who have little expertise.

Although my book has yet to make thousands of dollars like our insider, I did make a fake book and author look very real, and realistically could have made a lot of money if I had more time. And even worse, anecdotal research showed that many of the Kindle Gold Rushers prey on vulnerable readers in the self-help section.

On the other hand, does it really matter? The information age brushed away our internal filters and skepticism to the point where we take most things at face value. Whose responsibility is it to enforce fact-finding and overall legitimacy?

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If someone wants to buy and believe these books, let them! Google had the same problem with content farms gaming search, but they fixed it. If Amazon wants to live up to its core value of putting the customer first, this needs to change. Critics are already raving. Part 2: Confessions from the Scammy, Underground World of Kindle eBooks I gamed Amazon, plagiarized another author, and became a 1 ranked, bestselling romance novelist author in one week.

I disgust myself.

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BY John Havel. July 20, Onwards, The Hustle Updated July 22, Welcome to the good life, now throw your hands up in the sky. My first thought was to combine all of them but, as you can imagine, it looked ridiculous. I wanted believable. Busted… but not really. Amber Ward, ladies and gentlemen. These reviews were all fake.

The whole book industry is moving towards ebooks , just think how many people you know who own Kindles — my year-old Granny even has one haha! You can now get the kindle reader app on phones, tablets, desktops and laptops. This means making a sale is incredibly easy, the shoppers are actually ready and willing to purchase. The level of info that Amazon has on your prospects is insane.

How to Write an Ebook

This means that they are absolutely outstanding at targeting people for you. You literally make money as you sleep, or my personal favourite…when I go to the pub haha! The initial work is hard but once your foundations are all laid, you will see your little empire grow and grow. It takes time to get planning permission, dig the foundation holes, lay the foundations, build the initial structure but then the floors rise incredibly fast! Lots of publishers make the mistake of publishing something they are passionate about, or something they think will intuitively work, or something based upon some google keyword research.

So, the key research point you are looking for on the Amazon Kindle store is patterns. Patterns explain behaviours, we can look at them to find purchaser behaviours, spot trends before they appear and they give you an insights into the collective mind of the marketplace. When you identify these 3 main points you should be pretty confident about your book topic choice. The pointers I give are all based upon market research and giving the market what they want. Doing this is such a simple way of giving the market what they want.

Take advantage of the transparency that Amazon provides via the review system.

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You can also check out your competitors table of contents within their book to get a good idea on what topics to include and how to structure your book. Next up you should outline your book via bullet points and maybe one short paragraph explaining the flow you want the book to take. There is a lot of absolutely awful writers out there, so make sure you weed them out.

The key to this step is testing prospects to avoid headaches later on. But hey, we live and we learn right? Your title and cover are two of the most important aspects of your books. Now obviously the quality inside your book is hugely important, but the cover and title are what will get people buying your book. If you get the cover and title correct you will entice more people to view your books individual page, then you can turn prospects into buyers.

So, how do you break attention and get people to click-through to your books page where you then need to convert them from prospect to buyer? Stand out and be different. As the eye is rapidly scrolling through the list you want something that stands out and causes their eye to pause.

Part 2: Confessions from the Scammy, Underground World of Kindle eBooks

The way you do this is by making your cover different from anything else, a simple example would be: all other covers are pink, then go with bright blue. So now we are at the title portion and it is utterly essential that your title is strong. Basically this comes down to copywriting. Apply copywriting techniques to your titles to increase your click-through rate. Speak in terms of benefits. Make the benefits of your book clearly identifiable to your prospect. Make your titles blatantly simple and obvious.

Do I need to copyright my book?

Go long. You will also be adding keywords to your title, but be very careful when doing this. Say your title out loud, if it sounds stupid or is hard to say, then go back and fix it. I think one of the best examples of this is by Tim Ferriss with his first ever book:. This is linked to the above section as it uses the same principles: grabbing attention, holding attention and copywriting techniques.