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Love working with you guys. Brey Willows: This is a work in progress, and I might turn it into a novel at some point. I wanted to play with gothic tropes scary house, fog, mysterious folks , and this was my first venture into it. Kerry has some major responsibilities at home making it difficult for her to ever get away. When her best friend steps in as a fairy godmother she is free to go, and finds more than just books and author talks there. It depicts the quiet, gentle sway of the days here and then the fun, fast paced party nights. Brey Willows: I like spec fic. I love otherworldly elements, where characters are pushed out of their comfort zones.

That includes dystopian fiction, because those stories push characters out of their comfort zones too. And I like a bit of humor in with my work. Life is too serious as it is. Kitty McIntosh: I enjoy writing short stories and am now branching into novellas and novels. I want to write my own too. Oh, and I once ate so much pineapple in Hawaii that I ended up allergic to it for years after. I am that person who stays up all night watching the results come in for every election! I ended up adopting him only to realise my working life as an IT contractor did not fit around owning a dog.

This made me reassess my life and I subsequently changed career so I could move into my holiday home in Eressos permanently and live there with Wally the puppy. Relationship, writing, editor. September 23, at pm. So cool to hear something personal about these authors; it better connects me to them and makes me want to explore their writing! Like Liked by 2 people. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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It quickly becomes apparent that neither Alder nor Mary intends to let Beth disappear into the fog that easily. Will Beth be able to run fast enough to keep ahead of love, or will it overtake her in the home stretch?

By Jove Belle. Two women ride a wave of passion that threatens to consume them in a world of fast money and fast times in the neon glare of Sin City. It's lust at first sight for blackjack dealer Rae Sutherland and conventioneer Cori Romero. Rae wants more from life than the constant shuffling of cards in a smoke-filled casino, but for now, she revels in the excesses of life and appreciates the never-ending parade of women at the tables.

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Cori is looking for something besides her day-to-day grind and she's aching for a new adventure but doesn't expect to find it on the Vegas strip. Fueled by the encouragement of friends and Captain Morgan, she auditions for a singing gig and her path inevitably crosses Rae's. In spite of themselves, their relationship develops into something deeper than the initial intoxication of attraction, but both wonder if it's worth the gamble.

By Carsen Taite. Everyone knows true love is just a fantasy Mackenzie Lewis's friends think she is destined to grow old alone, because even though she is a successful business woman, fun to be with, and great looking, the only women she meets are the ones in the romance novels she devours or while tagging along on dates with her best friend Jordan.

Mac wants the kind of love she reads about and that her parents' storybook love proves exists, and she intends to wait for it. Mac's best friend Dr. Jordan Wagner, a successful, gorgeous plastic surgeon, has encountered lots of women and she has enjoyed every one.

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She is not interested in growing old with any of them, though, and her past losses only confirm her choice is the right one. At the first sign of commitment, she is on to the next. On a dare from their pals, Mac and Jordan decide to look for matches on the Internet. As they wind their way through the Web, seemingly looking for completely different things, both women discover true love is far different than they imagined.

Ultimately, Mac and Jordan discover truelesbianlove is closer than a click away. Two women on a vacation that turns deadly face down one of nature's most ruthless killers--and find themselves falling in love.

Refusing to allow her absent lover to ruin her vacation in an exotic corner of Thailand, Emily Stone determines to set her private disappointment aside and enjoy herself--until a natural disaster strikes and turns her world upside down. Major Hayden Caldwell plans to escape the restrictions of her job for a rare few days of freedom when she and Emily are forced into the fight of their lives.

Together, Hayden and Emily face death, disease, despair, and imminent death, and find in themselves and each other the strength to deny the tsunami two more victims. Uncharted Passage is the story of two women who face one of life's deadliest challenges and find their hearts forever changed. By KI Thompson. Two would-be lovers and a decidedly inopportune murder spell trouble, no matter which way the cards fall. Nothing ever seems to go right in Addy Cooper's life. She loses her job in California when her boss is arrested for importing Russian brides and exporting bootleg copies of yet-to-be-released movies.

Her partner, upon hearing that Addy is unemployed, dumps her for the butch UPS delivery driver. And to top it all off, the grandmother who raised Addy and Tommy, her mentally disabled brother, dies suddenly when a piece of space debris the size of a Kenmore dishwasher lands on her, killing her instantly.

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Returning to the small town she grew up in, Addy is forced to support herself and Tommy by taking on boarders. Her life appears to be returning to normal until she finds herself caught between two love interests, both of whom suspect her of murder. What more can go wrong?

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By Larkin Rose. Sex is the perfect escape—until it holds you captive. Sexy stripper by night, staid corporate raider by day, Kelsey's not looking for love, only sex and power. Then rough, tough karate champion Jordan walks into her life and dares her to risk her heart on a night of searing passion.

Two women caught in an inferno of desire struggle on the brink of love while secrets from their past—and a stalker obsessed with Kelsey—threaten to destroy them. Will the fire burning between them forge a love strong enough to survive, or will the dare lead to heartbreak—or worse?

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I Dare You is a journey into the seething realm of obsession, lust, and desire. Renowned international news correspondent Annie T. Booker has covered Iraq for over three years when a friend and colleague is killed, and Annie is injured in Baghdad. Exhausted, she returns stateside to recover. However, life at home is not the sanctuary it has always been. Her name is on an Iraqi hit list, her partner of ten years has left, she is betrayed by a friend, and her TV network wants the FBI in her life full time.

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Annie and Sarah struggle to stay one step ahead of disaster as Annie's life becomes the war zone she once reported on. By Radclyffe and Others. When just one happy ending is not enough An anthology of passionate, sensual love stories about falling in love, being in love, and celebrating the love between women of every ageyesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Search results for Advanced Filter:. Cherokee Falls Series. Betrayal is a wound that rarely heals. A devastating accident that claims the life of her Olympic-bound mount lands Jessica Black and her new stallion at Cherokee Falls Equestrian Center, where she is teamed up with an arrogant, womanizing trainer. Skyler Reese is a former gold medalist, now blacklisted as a professional rider. The sparks that fly between the two women are anything but friendly at first, but the heat between them changes to passion as Skyler helps Jessica prepare for the upcoming competition.

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