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Sep 05, Larry rated it liked it. Hmmm one should take the line The sequel to War of the Worlds with a big pinch of salt! The two are as chalk and cheese-Serviss's martians are merely giant humans, repulsive but human nonetheless. Mars itself is watery, not barren-completely different to Wells's approach! Still a decent enough story, if a bit cliched in parts-but then, this was written in !

The social aspects are still better than E E Smith's treatment in Triplanetary from less sexism and chauvinism, and better science Hmmm one should take the line The sequel to War of the Worlds with a big pinch of salt! The social aspects are still better than E E Smith's treatment in Triplanetary from less sexism and chauvinism, and better science in Serviss's work the man was a renowned astronomer-kind of an early Patrick Moore I discovered this little-known sequel to War of the Worlds from an article on Cracked.

The prose is formidable, reminiscent of HP Lovecraft's, but without all the tentacles. Have to wonder what Thomas Edison thought about being portrayed as a combination genius inventory and military mastermind. Nov 07, Ted Wenskus rated it liked it. Light Victorian fare though American.

Thomas Edison's elevation to savior of the world is rather amusing, especially as he endorsed the novel himself surprise, surprise. Still, for SF fans, an interesting read as this includes the first fictional mention of spacesuits, asteroid mining, and more, so if you're a fan of the genre, this has some worth.

Apr 21, Max rated it liked it Shelves: mars , science-fiction , kindle. This book was pretty good.

Edison's Conquest of Mars by Garrett Serviss An Apogee Books Publication

The story was entertaining, although it kinda had issues towards the end. There were a few things that were brought up but not really explored enough. Also, it's only vaguely a sequel to War of the Worlds, as amongst other things the nature of the Martians is changed. It's a pretty fast read, though, and fairly entertaining. Jun 15, Kevin rated it it was ok Shelves: science-fiction , classics.

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A fan-fic sequel to H. Wells' War of the Worlds and not as good as the original. Following the failure of the Martian invasion in War of the Worlds , American scientist Thomas Edison devises a disintegration ray gun and an electrical spacecraft Why he didn't use these the first time? I'm not sure if I'll ever finish this book. But it is an interesting glimpse into early 20th century spec fiction, and fans of H. Wells and Jules Verne will see much they recognize here.

Edison's Conquest of Mars

If you're looking for a slice of life, peek back through time, this is definitely it. Sep 28, Kai Schreiber rated it liked it.

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Oh deary me. A treasure trove full of science fiction firsts, but also a piece of militaristic propaganda for nastyman Edison. From the description of the electric drive of the ships to the mechanism of the final battle, most of the book is hard to take seriously with the Aryan couple at the end maybe taking the wedding cake. Nov 02, James rated it liked it. So that's what happened after the Martians attacked the earth in "War of the Worlds". Interesting view of Mars in Thank you Mr. Must read "War of the Worlds" and other narrations of the Martian attacks on earth. Jan 06, Bill rated it it was ok.

Here's a real oddity: a knock-off of H. Some basic sf tropes and themes are introduced in the book, but it really hasn't aged well. Sometimes bad in a good way, but mostly bad. Jan 12, Marts Thinker marked it as shelved Shelves: sci-fi.

Edison's Conquest of Mars - 01 – Chapter I

Dec 27, Sean Randall rated it it was ok. How very And old. But not without its charm, in a quaint, Wyndham-like way. Vastly dated now, nonetheless an intriguing look into prevailing attitudes of the day. Edison's Conquest of Mars by Garrett P. Serviss Peter Aronson rated it liked it May 04, Jim Ferry rated it it was ok Apr 22, Hildifons rated it it was ok Jul 15, Aaron rated it liked it Jan 01, Glen rated it it was ok Jan 13, Karl Oskar Pettersson rated it liked it Apr 17, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Science Fiction. Science Fiction Fantasy. About Garrett P. Garrett P. Instead of practicing law, he joined The New York Sun as a reporter.

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His ability to explain scientific details in a way that made them clear to the ordinary reader led to Andrew Carnegie selecting him to deliver The Urania Lectures on astronomy, cosmology, and other scientific topics. In all, he wrote fifteen books, eight of them devoted to astronomy. Five were science fiction novels, including an unauthorized sequel to H. An avid mountain climber, Serviss scaled the Matterhorn at Convert currency. Add to Basket.

Edison's Conquest of Mars

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