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That means forecasting better, producing smarter and producing less. It means we must develop new business models for reusing, reselling, recycling and working collectively to avoid overproduction and thus prevent excess stock and dependency on sales.

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To do this, brands will need to reassess their business priorities and the impact they want to make. Leaders must address the root of the problem. Of course, the fashion industry cannot tackle this alone: dramatic change will require collaboration across the entire value chain, including organizations, policymakers, manufacturers and investors. As a first step — starting today — I encourage you to think before jumping on the Black Friday train in the endless hunt for a bargain.

Instead, ask yourself: do I really need this? Eva Kruse is the CEO of Global Fashion Agenda, a non-profit organisation working to mobilise and guide the fashion industry to take bold and urgent action on sustainability. The Copenhagen Fashion Summit in May will convene leaders from across the industry to discuss the issue and potential solutions. Topics Fashion Opinion.

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Log in. Want to learn more? Men have been wearing shorts for decades, but women were only allowed to wear them in public after World War II.

"The ultra-feminine trend"

One of the main reasons for this was because less fabric was available during the war, so shorts were more cost-effective than pants or skirts. The T-shirt is one of the most popular items of clothing in the world, and around two billion of them are sold every single year. Historically, purple clothes were only worn by magistrates, emperors and other aristocracy in Rome, Italy.

The loincloth is the oldest item of clothing, but the second oldest is the skirt — an item which is still very popular today. Thousands of fashion magazines are sold every year, but the first ever fashion magazine was sold in Germany in While lots of things are increasing in price, clothing is actually decreasing.

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