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Business boomed for Bendixsen, and in , he shifted operations across Humboldt Bay to Fairhaven, taking over a acre yard run by G.

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The yard had a drafting shed, a wood shed, a lodging house, a cook house, feet of bay frontage, and 20 workers. Bendixsen built 12 ships in including two at his old Eureka yard , and 11 ships the following year, including his first three-masted schooner, the ton Excelsior. In , he launched a similar vessel, the Compeer. Later on, he built his own sawmill, but he may have overextended himself. He fell into financial problems and had to sell everything, including his home, to pay off his debts.


Struggling, he leased back his shipyard and took on a partner, Thomas Peterson, for a year. Among the almost regular translations was J.

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Edward's work Stephen Lawrence rendered into Ukrainian by N. Romanovych-Tkachenko and the free translation of C. Bret Harte, Mark Twain and a number of others to be named later.

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  8. Hence, the translation and publishing activity during the last decades of the nineteenth century in Halychyna and in neighbouring Bukovyna Chernivtsi and to some extent in Transcarpathia Uzhhorod was gathering momentum. An influential role in this process played the Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society founded in Lviv and its Literary Journalwhere the best translations were published. In large measure, those translations appeared due to the titanic achievements in the domain of literary artistic translation of I.

    Makoway among other great Ukrainian men and women of letters.

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    This was also a political breakthrough which openly ignored the czarist prohibition of the Ukrainian language, literature and culture. The Literary Journal and prior to it the Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society itself received financial support from some personal funds belonging to such great patriots of Ukraine as P. Pelekhin, T.

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    Dembyts'kyi, M. Hrushevskyi, O. Ohonovs'kyi, A. Bonchevs'kyi, O. The Literary Journal was also supported financially by the D. Mordovets' and I. Kotlyarevs'kyi social funds1. Due to the support it managed to publish only in the first decade of the twentieth century the works of the following authors: Conan Doyle, T. Hrabovs'kyi, some works of O. Wilde , K. Ritter , E. Poe , , J.


    Milton , works of some Australian authors translated by I. Franko, , as well as works of such well-known English and American authors as R. Kipling , , C.

    Roberts , C. Dickens and H. Longfellow The Song of Hiawatha , , J. London and several others. Franko and his son Petro Franko were later N. Romanovych-Tkachenko, O. Mykhalevych, PKarmans'kyi, O. OIes', I. Petrusevych, D. Dontsov, Y. Siryi, A. Voloshyn, M.

    Lozyns'kyi, V. Stepankovs'kyi, M. Zahirnya, and some others. The revival of literary translation in Eastern and Western parts of Ukraine in early 70's and especially in the 's was greatly enhanced by the creative work of one of the most prolific Ukrainian poets, playwrights, philosophers, scientists and public figures I.

    Franko He began his manifold activities as a patriotically minded realist who expressed his ardent wish for his nation to attain freedom, a better life and education opportunities. Franko purposely turned to enriching his native belles-lettres with masterpieces of world literature in which he addressed the need of his native people in all genres of belles-lettres, philosophies and arts. To achieve this gigantic task, I.

    Franko would employ any possible way of conveying the content and artistic peculiarities of other nations' literary works. During his brilliant year literary career, this creative giant managed to translate into Ukrainian thousands of poetic, prose, drama, historic and scientific works of almost all outstanding representative authors and poets from the richest traditions of world literature and culture.

    In his fifty-volume collection of works, which came off the press in Kyiv in 's, seven large volumes were dedicated solely to versification drawn from different languages and cultures of the world. His faithful translations, free interpretations and free adaptations originated from works created by scores of various authors spanning from ancient times until the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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    Separate volumes in the collection are dedicated to Babylonian and ancient Greek, Indian and Arabian literary works as well as to contemporary Slavic, Italian, German, Austrian, Swiss and other literatures. Franko's methods of versifying foreign poetic works were aimed at acquainting Ukrainian readers with the world's best samples of poetic art.

    An active role in introducing Ukrainian readers to best works of other literatures was also played by Franko's close friend Osyp Makoway He translated H. Heine from German, prose works from Polish H. Sienkiewicz, 59 E. Orzceczkowa, I. Dombrowski, S. Zeromski , Austrian H. Sudermann, M. Ebner-Eschenbach, M.

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    6. Konrad , Danish E. Jerome , French E. Prevost and from other languages. Among the most active Ukrainian translators after P. Kulish and I. Franko was our greatest poetess Lesya Ukrainka - She completed faithful prose translations of G. Hauptman's drama The Weavers and M.

      Корунець І. В. К 68 Теорія і практика перекладу (аспектний

      Besides these she also successfully translated some prose works of L. Yakobovsky from German , P. Etzel and G. De Amicis from Italian as well as Franko's works into Russian.