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Huge population reach being a top 5 sport in China Indonesia and India. Players such as Lin Dan in China and Saina Nehwal in India are considered major sporting figures, with richest stars having a net worth of more than 30 million dollars. More limited interest in Europe and America.

Sailing at the Summer Olympics

Major sport in: Brazil, Turkey, S. Korea, Thailand, Poland. Minor sport in: Germany, Netherlands, S. Arabia, Nigeria, Indonesia. Big in the developing world, particularly Brazil, but also asia and parts of Europe. More national federations than any other sport at more than and some estimates place it as having the most number of participants. World championships screened live across Europe and Asia.

High in the rankings primarily due to huge interest in China, where it is the number 4 sport. Also some interest in UK, where it was traditionally based. Korea, Neth, S. Africa, Indonesia,Algeria, Sweden. Global sport being top 20 in almost every country measured, although no higher than 8th in any country. Second highest interest sport in Summer Olympics, with champions from US, Asia, Europe and South America, although more limited interest for regular events.

Minor sport in: Russia, S. Korea, Mexico, S. Africa, Indonesia, Sweden, Colombia. Netherlands, S. Arabia, Pakistan, Kenya.

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Medium sport in: UK. Germany, Australia, Mexico, Turkey, S. Arabia, Poland, Algeria, Sweden, Kazakhstan. Big in Europe, particularly France, Spain and Italy, where major tours are held as well as in Colombia, although failed so far to get a strong foothold in the US. Tour De France finale is one of the most watched global events, with interest in the sport focussed on the tours of Italy and France.

GII Score:. Minor sport in: S.

America's Cup

Arabia, Nigeria, Netherlands, Colombia. A major sport in its homeland of the US, but with limited international interest, particularly outside North America. Medium sport in: Netherlands, Argentina, Kenya.

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Fringe sport in: China, France, Russia, S. Tradtionally considered the national sport in India, it is top 5 in interest there driving its top 20 position globally. Estimated to have more than 3 million worldwide playing field hockey. It maintains some interest in Western Europe, Australia and Japan. Minor sport in: Turkey, Canada, Kenya, Philippines. Korea, Mexico, Spain, S. Arabia, Argentina, Pakistan, Kazhkstan. Primarily a gambling sport, it maintains strong interest in US, UK, Sweden, Japan and Australia, although has more limited appeal elsewhere.

Minor sport in: Germany, Japan, S.

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Korea, Netherlands, Pakistan, Sweden, Kazakhstan. A popular sport in China in particular, but maintains interest in Asia generally and in parts of Europe. One of the world's biggest participant sports, being played casually around the world. A consistent sport of interest across almost all of the countries tested except India , although not a major sport in any.

Particularly interest in Asia. Interest is focussed on certain events, such as the Olympics and world championships. Medium Sport in: Japan, Russia, S. Korea, Kazakhstan. High interest in Japan, Korea and Russia and one of the most watched winter olympic sports. It retains at least some interest in most of the major global countries in Europe, Americas and Asia.

Arabia, Poland, Philippines, Colombia. A traditional sport in a number of countries, particualrly in Central Asia and India, where it maintains strong appeal, but also in Japan, Russia and the US. Reinstated recently to Olympics after initially being removed.

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Korea, Spain, Turkey, Indonesia, S. Africa, Nigeria, Philippines, Colombia. A significant sport in continental Western and Northern Europe, where the skiing world cup remains important. Recorded as the 2nd most watched sport at the winter olympics. It remains a fringe sport in most of the rest of the world, including Russia and Eastern Europe, where other winter sports are more popular.

Has good interest in China, where multiple Olympic gold medallists such as Guo JingJing have celebrity status. Has some interest across the world, including areas of Latina America, although more focussed on World Aquatic Championships and Olympics.

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  8. Medium sport in: Netherlands, S. Arabia, Thailand. Strong interest in Southern Europe where many of the recent champions have come from. Minor sport in: Russia, Brazil, S. Korea, Turkey, Netherlands, Kenya, Argentina. Kazkhstan, Colombia. Some global interest in set places, particularly continental Europe, although with some interest also in South America and Asia. No real coverage in US. Fringe sport in: US, Canada, S.

    Rankings : Rankings | World Sailing

    Arabia, Poland, Pakistan, Thailand. Some significant interest particularly in Netherlands, Korea and China. Ara bia , Argentina, Colombia, Philippines, Sweden. High interest: March to August, particularly May. It has slightly more international appeal than NASCAR racing, although lacks the domestic appeal to reach the same level on this list. Minor sport in: India, China, Russia, S. Korea, Pakistan, Thialand, Kazahkstan. Particularly big in India, where they have had previous Olympic success, but also significant interest in Russia, Korea and China, with strongest interest in Asia generally.

    Limited interest as a spectator sport in the Western World. Mixture of cross country skiing and shooting. Interest strongly focussed on Eastern and Central Europe, with Biathlon being the major winter sport in Russia and only behind Ice Hockey and Downhill skiing in Germany. Little interest however outside of Europe.

    Korea, Turkey, Indonesia, Netherlands, S. Africa, Poland, Kenya, Kazakhstan. High interest:April to Novermber, particuarly June. Le Mans 24 Hour Race also a high-point in appeal, with some interest in touring cars in most countries measured. Minor sport in: Japan, France, S.